Riot Games deactivates multiple Valorant skins afflicted with a Wall Hack bug

Riot Games has responded swiftly and decisively to tackle a significant concern in Valorant, where a considerable number of skins were found to grant players an unfair advantage through a legitimate Wall Hack exploit. To rectify this issue, Riot Games has implemented a comprehensive plan of action by identifying and subsequently banning the specific skins involved. By taking this proactive approach, Riot Games has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a fair and balanced gameplay experience for all Valorant players. The decision to disable these skins showcases the company’s dedication to upholding the integrity of the game and ensuring a level playing field.

This action serves as a clear message to the community that Riot Games is committed to addressing any potential exploits promptly and effectively. By promptly banning the problematic skins, Riot Games aims to prevent any further misuse and maintain a healthy competitive environment within Valorant. This incident highlights the ongoing efforts made by Riot Games to monitor and address potential issues that may arise within their games. The swift response to the Wall Hack bug demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing an enjoyable and fair gaming experience for all players. Moving forward, players can have confidence that Riot Games will continue to prioritize the detection and resolution of similar issues, safeguarding the integrity and competitiveness of Valorant. Through their actions, Riot Games reinforces their commitment to fostering a balanced and enjoyable gaming environment while ensuring that players can compete on an even playing field.

Riot Games Takes Swift Action to Address Skins Exploit in Valorant

In the world of competitive gaming, fairness and integrity are paramount. When an exploit threatens to disrupt the balance and competitive nature of a game, it falls upon the developers to swiftly address the issue and maintain a level playing field. Riot Games, the creator of the popular multiplayer first-person shooter game Valorant, recently found itself faced with a significant challenge—an exploit involving a large number of skins that allowed players to gain a legitimate Wall Hack advantage. In response, Riot Games took decisive action to ban the affected skins and restore the integrity of the game.The exploit in question revolved around a Wall Hack, a type of cheat that enables players to see through walls and other solid objects, giving them a significant advantage over their opponents. Skins, which are cosmetic items that alter the appearance of in-game weapons and characters, were found to contain an embedded Wall Hack exploit. This exploit allowed players to gain an unfair advantage, compromising the competitive integrity of Valorant. As news of the skins exploit spread throughout the Valorant community, players and fans alike expressed their outrage. The exploit quickly became a hot topic of discussion, with players sharing their experiences, theories, and concerns regarding the impact of the exploit on the game’s competitive landscape. The Mystbloom collection, in particular, came under scrutiny, as players speculated about the potential presence of the Wall Hack exploit in other sets of skins as well. Understanding the severity of the situation and the need for immediate action, Riot Games wasted no time in addressing the skins exploit.

The development team worked diligently to identify the specific skins that contained the exploit and promptly disabled them from the game. Four collections—Primordium, Magepunk, Mystbloom, and Imperium—were affected, with a comprehensive list of disabled skins provided to the community. Riot Games recognized the importance of keeping the Valorant community informed throughout the process. They provided regular updates on the progress made in identifying and addressing the skins exploit. Additionally, they issued a public statement detailing their commitment to maintaining a fair and balanced gameplay experience for all players. This transparent and proactive approach helped alleviate concerns and fostered trust within the community. While the exact duration of the skins suspension remains uncertain, Riot Games assured players that they were working diligently to resolve the in-game glitch associated with the affected skins as quickly as possible. The developers acknowledged the urgency of the situation and reiterated their commitment to providing timely updates on the progress made in resolving the exploit. The actions taken by Riot Games to disable the skins and address the exploit serve as a powerful message to the Valorant community. By swiftly banning the affected skins, Riot Games demonstrated their unwavering dedication to upholding the competitive integrity of the game. They made it clear that any form of unfair advantage, even if unintentional, would not be tolerated. The skins exploit incident serves as a valuable learning experience for Riot Games and the broader gaming industry. It highlights the importance of rigorous quality assurance processes and thorough testing to identify and address potential exploits before they impact the player base. Moving forward, Riot Games has committed to implementing more robust measures to prevent similar exploits from occurring in the future, ensuring a more secure and fair gaming environment.


Riot Games’ swift response to the skins exploit in Valorant demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a level playing field and upholding the competitive integrity of the game. By promptly disabling the affected skins, Riot Games has shown that they prioritize fair gameplay and the satisfaction of their player base. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, incidents like these serve as crucial reminders that vigilance and proactive measures are necessary to safeguard the integrity of online gaming experiences.

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