Results of the Group C Matches at the 2024 CCT Global Finals

The 2024 CCT Global Finals is heating up with the opening matches in Group C. In the first series, South American powerhouse paiN Gaming takes on Europe’s AMKAL. Both teams are looking to start their tournament run with a crucial victory. In the other Group C matchup, two of Dota 2’s most storied organizations, Team Liquid and OG, will clash. Liquid is hoping to bounce back after a disappointing finish at the last Major, while OG aims to prove they are still among the elite.

The winners of these two best-of-three series will advance directly to the Group C playoff match, putting them one step closer to the grand finals. However, the losing teams will be sent to the elimination match, facing a do-or-die scenario to keep their tournament hopes alive. With so much on the line, fans are eager to see which squads can rise to the occasion and secure their place in the playoff brackets. The opening salvos of Group C are set to be hotly contested affairs that could set the tone for the rest of the prestigious CCT Global Finals.

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paiN vs. AMKAL

The opening day of the 2024 CCT Global Finals has set the stage for a thrilling Group C showdown. Two highly anticipated matchups kicked off the group stage, as regional rivals clashed for a chance to advance towards the championship. First up was the South American derby between paiN Gaming and AMKAL. Both squads were eager to make a statement and get their tournament run off on the right foot. While the two teams had not faced each other in the last 6 months, their history and regional proximity promised a heated battle. The series started on the classic map of Inferno, which many considered to be AMKAL’s peak. The Europeans came out of the gates strong, taking an early 3-2 lead. However, paiN quickly answered, evening up the score at 4-4. The teams continued to trade rounds, neither able to gain a decisive advantage. As the first half drew to a close, AMKAL managed to string together four straight rounds, pulling ahead 8-4. paiN refused to go away quietly though, winning the final round to make it 8-5 at the half. Starting on the Counter-Terrorist side, AMKAL maintained their momentum in the second half. They methodically dismantled paiN’s attacks, allowing the Brazilians to only secure three additional rounds. With a dominant 13-8 victory on Inferno, AMKAL took the early series lead. Heading into the second map, paiN knew they needed to make a statement. The choice of Nuke, considered one of paiN’s peak maps, signaled their intent to even the series. The opening rounds saw both teams trade blows, with paiN edging out a slim 7-5 lead at the half. Switching to the attack in the second half, paiN continued to apply heavy pressure. They quickly extended their advantage, winning four straight rounds to make it 11-5. AMKAL refused to go down without a fight, clawing their way back to 11-8. However, paiN held firm, trading rounds to take the map 16-14 and force a decisive third map. The tension was palpable as the two squads moved to the final showdown on Overpass. AMKAL struck first, taking the pistol round and building an early 3-1 lead. But paiN responded emphatically, putting together a dominant run of their own to make it 6-3. The Brazilian side continued to control the pace, heading into the half up 9-6. The second half was a back-and-forth affair, with neither team willing to give an inch. AMKAL chipped away at paiN’s lead, evening the score at 10-10. The two titans traded rounds, pushing the map to overtime at 15-15. In the extra frames, the experience and composure of AMKAL shone through. They methodically dismantled paiN’s attacks, taking the first two overtime rounds. paiN managed to claw one back, but AMKAL closed out the map 19-16 to secure the series victory 2-1.

It was an epic clash that showcased the skill and determination of both squads. AMKAL’s ability to adapt and stay composed under pressure proved to be the difference, as they emerged victorious from the South American showdown. Moving to the other Group C matchup, the spotlight turned to the clash between European powerhouses Team Liquid and OG. These two organizations have a storied history in Dota 2, but their Counter-Strike rivalry has also intensified in recent years. Both teams were eager to assert their dominance and take a big step towards the playoffs. The series began on Mirage, a map that has traditionally favored Liquid. The North Americans came out firing, taking an early 5-1 lead. OG refused to be rattled, methodically clawing their way back into the game. By the end of the first half, Liquid maintained a slim 8-7 advantage. Switching to the Counter-Terrorist side, Liquid continued to apply heavy pressure. They secured the pistol round and quickly extended their lead to 11-7. OG responded with a forceful eco round win, giving them some much-needed momentum. The teams traded rounds, with Liquid maintaining control at 13-10. However, OG wasn’t ready to concede defeat. They mounted an impressive comeback, winning four straight rounds to even the score at 13-13. The map went to overtime, with both teams showcasing their composure and skill. In the end, it was Liquid who prevailed, taking the final two rounds to clinch Mirage 16-14. Heading into the second map, Overpass, OG knew they needed to find a way to slow down Liquid’s momentum. The opening rounds saw the teams trade blows, with OG edging out a slim 5-4 lead. As the half progressed, OG started to take control, building their advantage to 8-4. The second half saw OG continue to dominate the map. Their coordinated attacks and intelligent rotations kept Liquid on their heels. Despite Liquid’s best efforts, OG maintained their composure and secured a convincing 16-9 victory to level the series. The third and final map, Inferno, was a highly anticipated clash. Both teams have had success on the iconic map, setting the stage for a tense and closely fought affair. Liquid came out swinging, taking an early 5-2 lead. OG fought back, but Liquid’s superior map control and individual skill allowed them to maintain a slim 8-7 advantage at the half. The second half was a tug-of-war, with neither team willing to concede an inch. Liquid continued to apply pressure, but OG refused to go away. The teams traded rounds, with Liquid holding a narrow 13-12 lead. OG managed to even the score at 13-13, sending the map to overtime. In the extra frames, Liquid’s experience and composure shone through. They methodically dismantled OG’s attacks, securing the final three rounds to take the map 16-13 and the series 2-1. It was a hard-fought battle between two of Counter-Strike’s most storied organizations. Liquid’s ability to maintain their composure and adapt to OG’s strategies proved to be the difference, as they emerged victorious from the clash of European titans. The opening day of Group C has set the stage for an intense and thrilling tournament. AMKAL and Liquid have taken the early advantage, but paiN and OG have shown they have the skill and resilience to mount a comeback. As the group stage progresses, fans are eagerly anticipating the next round of matches, which are sure to deliver even more high-stakes, edge-of-your-seat Counter-Strike action.

Liquid vs. OG

The opening map of this highly anticipated clash was Anubis, a map that many considered to be the peak performance of OG. Liquid, who were starting on the offensive side, came out of the gates swinging and quickly established a dominant 6-0 lead over their opponents. OG managed to claw back a couple of valuable rounds, but Liquid maintained their composure and control to finish the first half with a comfortable 8-4 scoreline. As the teams switched sides for the second half, Liquid continued to showcase their tactical prowess and map control. They simply shut down every attempt by OG to gain a foothold, methodically dismantling their opponents’ defenses to ultimately close out the map with a resounding 13-5 victory. The series then moved to Ancient, a map that was widely regarded as a peak performance map for the Liquid roster. The opening half of the map was an even affair, with both sides trading rounds and jockeying for position. However, OG managed to string together an impressive five-round streak, allowing them to take an 8-4 lead heading into the second half. Determined to bounce back, Liquid came out of the break with a renewed sense of focus. They secured the crucial pistol round and then proceeded to rattle off five consecutive rounds of their own, evening the score and putting the pressure firmly back on OG. The Scandinavian squad fought valiantly to regain their footing, but Liquid’s relentless assault proved to be too much. In the end, Liquid emerged victorious on Ancient, taking the map 13-5 and evening the series at 1-1. The third and final map of the series was the iconic Inferno, a map that has been a battleground for countless epic encounters in the past. The first half of the map was dominated by OG, who managed to eke out a slim 1-round advantage heading into the break. However, the second half told a dramatically different story.

Liquid, sensing the urgency of the situation, came out of the gates with renewed vigor. They secured the crucial pistol round and then proceeded to rattle off three consecutive rounds, quickly chipping away at OG’s lead. The Scandinavian squad fought valiantly to stem the tide, but Liquid’s momentum was unstoppable. They continued to chip away at OG’s defenses, eventually closing out the map with a 13-10 victory and securing the series 2-1 in their favor. The standout performer of the match was undoubtedly Liquid’s Twistzz, who posted an impressive 7.6 rating over the course of the series. Liquid’s captain, cadiaN, also deserves special mention for his 6.9 rating, as he played a crucial role in orchestrating his team’s victory. With this hard-fought victory, Liquid and AMKAL now sit atop Group C with a 1-0 record, while OG and paiN find themselves on the back foot with 0-1 starts. The next round of matches will see Liquid face off against AMKAL in a high-stakes clash for a playoff spot, while OG and paiN will be battling to avoid elimination from the tournament. The series between Liquid and OG was a true testament to the depth and talent of the competitive Counter-Strike scene. Both teams showcased their strategic prowess, individual skill, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the game. This clash will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the highlights of the tournament, and it has set the stage for an even more thrilling conclusion to the event.

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