PUBG Nations Cup 2024 – Winners

A representative tournament in the e-sports discipline PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or simply PUBG, as it is commonly called among fans, took place in South Korea.

From September 15 to 17, 16 of the world’s best national PUBG teams competed in Seoul for the title of the strongest. And to the delight of the home crowd in the stands, the home team became the champions of the competition.

Successful performance at PUBG Nations Cup 2023 brought esportsmen from South Korea not only a nice trophy for the team museum with cups, but also a substantial monetary fee. A total of $710,000 in prize money was awarded at the competition, and more than a third of this big prize went to the winner, namely $236,643.

Korea wins PUBG Nations Cup 2023

The South Korean national team achieved a remarkable feat by emerging as the champions of the enthralling PUBG Nations Cup 2023 tournament held in the vibrant city of Seoul. Over the course of 18 fiercely contested matches, their unwavering determination and exceptional teamwork propelled them to an impressive total of 172 points, securing a commanding lead of 32 points over their nearest challengers, the United Kingdom team.

Notably, the Vietnamese team showcased their talent and resilience, securing a well-deserved place among the top three leaders. It is worth mentioning that the British team, who claimed victory in last year’s PUBG Nations Cup, displayed remarkable sportsmanship throughout the tournament. In recognition of their outstanding performance, the Korean team was awarded a prestigious prize of $100,000 USD, while the silver medalists received a commendable $40,000. For a detailed breakdown of the prize distribution, please refer to the information provided below.

The PUBG Nations Cup 2023 took place from September 15 to 17, captivating enthusiasts and fans from around the world in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea. The tournament boasted a substantial prize pool of $300,000 USD, which was further augmented by the generous contributions of crowdfunding, underscoring the unwavering support and passion of the community.

Initially, the prize pool amounted to $300,000. However, thanks to the incredible support of crowdfunding, it surged to $710,000. As a result, the South Korean team earned over $230,000, including $100,000 from the base prize pool and an additional $136,000 from the sales of PNC 2023 skins. The tournament featured 16 national teams from various countries. The reigning champions from the previous year, the United Kingdom team, secured the second-place position. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese team, who claimed the silver medal in 2022, took home the bronze this year. The British and Vietnamese teams earned $94,000 and $59,000, respectively.

Distribution of places and prizes at PUBG Nations Cup 2023

  1. South Korea, 236.6 thousand dollars;
  2. Great Britain, 94.6 thousand dollars;
  3. Vietnam, $59.1 thousand;
  4. Argentina, 52 thousand dollars;
  5. Thailand, 42.6 thousand dollars;
  6. Denmark, 35.5 thousand dollars;
  7. USA, 29.6 thousand dollars;
  8. Germany, 23.6 thousand dollars;
  9. Türkiye, 22.5 thousand dollars;
  10. Australia, $21.3 thousand;
  11. Brazil, $18.9 thousand;
  12. China, 17.7 thousand dollars;
  13. Chinese Taipei, $16.5 thousand;
  14. Japan, 14.2 thousand dollars;
  15. Canada, $12.9 thousand;
  16. India 11.8 thousand dollars.
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