Patch 27.1 for PUBG: new map Rondo and Survivor Pass

Krafton recently revealed details about the latest update 27.1 for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, which is currently available for download on various gaming platforms.

Patch 27.1 for PUBG

One of the main features of this update is the addition of a new map called “Rondo”, which is the tenth map in the battle royale mode. Now players will be able to enjoy the new gaming space and diversify their gaming experience.

In addition, one of the changes made in the update is the removal of the ability to purchase the “Survivor Ticket” (Battle Pass) with the in-game currency G-COIN. The reason for this decision remains unknown and has not been officially announced.

Some details of “Survivor Pass: Rondo”

  • Players can earn new rewards, including G-COIN, chests, blueprints, and artisan tokens;
  • Slightly increased experience for completing daily and weekly missions;
  • The validity period of one “Survivor Ticket” is four weeks;
  • New points system: for each level you will receive five survivor points (up to level 30).

Within the game, Survivor Pass: Rondo offers players a number of improvements and additions. As part of this pass, players will have the opportunity to earn various rewards, including G-COIN (in-game currency), chests, blueprints, and artisan tokens. These rewards will help players expand their arsenal, obtain new items, and improve their gaming experience.

Additionally, the update increased the amount of experience players receive for completing daily and weekly missions. This will allow players to progress faster in the game and receive more rewards.
Each Survivor Pass is valid for four weeks, giving players plenty of time to fully utilize its functionality and earn all possible rewards.

A new points system has also been introduced where players will receive five Survivor Points for each level completed until reaching level 30. This system rewards players for their progress and achievements in the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that Crafton is working on developing a new video game called Black Budget, inspired by Escape from Tarkov. However, the official release of this game is not expected until 2024 and will be available on PC and consoles. This new Krafton creation will give players the opportunity to immerse themselves in an exciting new gaming adventure.

Pictures from the new patch 27.1

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