MW3 Zombies: Megabomb Location and Defeating the Most Firepower Quest

Megabomb, known as the fearsome Mega Abomination, stands as one of the most formidable enemies in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. These special zombies present a thrilling challenge to players as they embark on quests and missions, particularly the “Most Firepower” objective in Act 3 – Confrontation.

Unraveling the Megabomb MW3 Zombies boss’s location within the expansive Urzikstan map proves to be a daunting task. The absence of quest markers or distinct indicators makes it a true test of exploration and observation. Players must rely on their instincts and keen senses to uncover the enemy’s hiding place.

Moreover, encountering the Megabomb in higher-tier zones adds an extra layer of excitement and urgency. Players must act swiftly to defeat it before the impending Aether Storm engulfs the area, forcing a hasty retreat. To aid you in this thrilling endeavor, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on locating and triumphing over the Megabomb MW3 Zombies boss.

Where to find Megabomb location MW3 Zombies


When it comes to embarking on the quest to find the elusive Megabomb in MW3 Zombies, players will need to navigate their way towards the northeastern region of Zaravan City. Specifically, they should make their way to the entry point of the Tier III zone, situated near the bridge. This strategic location serves as the spawning ground for the mighty Megabomb. To assist players in their pursuit, we have gone the extra mile by highlighting the exact spot where the Megabomb emerges. With this valuable information at hand, players can save precious time and concentrate their efforts on defeating this formidable enemy.

While the MW3 Zombies map has undergone some notable changes with the introduction of the Season 1 Reloaded update, such as the removal of Legacy Fortress and the addition of Dokkaebi’s Fortress and other captivating areas, the spawn location of the Megabomb has remained unaltered. We took the time to verify this crucial detail prior to compiling this comprehensive guide. Armed with this knowledge, intrepid players should make their way to the marked location near the Tier III zone in order to trigger the appearance of the Megabomb. However, it is important to note that if the Megabomb is not found at this designated spot, it signifies that other players have already vanquished it. In such instances, players have a couple of options: they can choose to continue with the current match, exfiltrate, and attempt to confront the Megabomb in the subsequent match, or they can opt for a direct exfiltration, regroup, and join a fresh match.

Remember, the journey to locate and conquer the Megabomb is not without its challenges. Players must stay vigilant and adapt their strategies accordingly. With perseverance and skill, they will have the opportunity to emerge victorious in this thrilling MW3 Zombies quest.

How to defeat the Megabomb MW3 Zombies boss

When it comes to taking down the formidable Megabomb MW3 Zombies boss, there are three key factors to consider. These include:

  • Formidable Health Pool: The Megabomb possesses an exceptionally high amount of HP, making it a formidable adversary that requires sustained and focused firepower to defeat.
  • Long-Range Beam Attacks: Be prepared for the Megabomb to unleash devastating beam attacks from a distance. These long-range assaults can deal significant damage, so maintaining a safe distance is essential.
  • Deadly Melee and Plunge Attacks: The Megabomb is not limited to ranged assaults alone. It is also capable of executing formidable melee attacks, including the deadliest of all—the plunge attack. Beware of its devastating lunges and be ready to evade or counteract with precision.

Furthermore, in addition to its formidable abilities, the Megabomb has the ability to summon additional adversaries known as Nest Crawlers. These smaller, yet still dangerous, creatures can quickly overwhelm you if not dealt with swiftly. To make matters even more challenging, while engaged in battle with the Megabomb, you will also have to fend off waves of regular zombies. It’s vital to maintain awareness of your surroundings and allocate resources effectively to handle both the primary threat and the surrounding undead hordes.

However, don’t be disheartened by the daunting task at hand. With proper preparation, effective weapon loadouts, and strategic positioning, you can tip the odds in your favor and achieve victory over the Megabomb. Remember to coordinate with your teammates, exploit weaknesses, and capitalize on opportunities to deal substantial damage. By keeping a level head and adapting your tactics as the battle unfolds, you can overcome the challenges posed by the Megabomb and emerge victorious in your quest to survive the MW3 Zombies onslaught.

  • Perks: Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola and Deadshot Daiquiri
  • Weapon: Rare or Gold rarity AR or LMGs with level 3 Pack A Punch
  • Tactical: Decoy grenade
  • Lethal: Anything will do. Semtex is a better option, though
  • Ammo mods: Shatterblast, Cryo Freeze or Napalm Burst

When it comes to taking on the daunting task of defeating the Megabomb in MW3 Zombies, there are several key strategies to keep in mind. Firstly, positioning is crucial. Lead the Megabomb towards the Tier II zone, where the buildings shown in the provided screenshot offer advantageous cover and tactical opportunities. Once in position, focus your attacks on the Megabomb’s glowing head. This critical weak spot is where you can deal the most damage. However, be prepared to dodge and evade its powerful and devastating attacks. The Megabomb possesses long-range beam attacks that can be deadly if they connect, so maintaining distance and utilizing the available cover is essential.

While engaging the Megabomb, it’s important to be mindful of the surrounding zombies. These relentless undead creatures can quickly overwhelm you if not dealt with effectively. Keep a constant watch on your surroundings and eliminate any nearby zombies to ensure your safety and maintain focus on the Megabomb. As the battle progresses, you’ll need to manage your resources wisely. Ammo conservation is crucial, as running out of ammunition can leave you vulnerable. Utilize the nearby Ammo Caches strategically, ensuring you have enough firepower to continuously chip away at the Megabomb’s health. Additionally, take advantage of any available tactical and lethal equipment to gain an edge in the fight.

Remember, defeating the Megabomb requires patience, skill, and adaptability. Stay focused, maintain a cool head, and adjust your strategies based on the situation at hand. By employing these tactics and persevering in the face of adversity, you can overcome the Megabomb and emerge victorious in your MW3 Zombies journey.

How to complete the Most Firepower MW3 Zombies story quest

Allow me to guide you through the steps to successfully complete the Most Firepower story quest in MW3 Zombies:

  • Pack A Punch a weapon to level 3
  • Kill 100 zombies with level 3 Pack A Punch weapon
  • Kill a Megabomb with level 3 Pack A Punche weapon
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