Monte is absent and will not be able to attend IEM Chengdu

ESL has made an unexpected announcement regarding an urgent change in the lineup of participants for IEM Chengdu. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Ukrainian team named Monte faced significant challenges in attending the tournament in its entirety, resulting in their unfortunate absence from the Tier-S event in China. However, the organizers acted swiftly and managed to secure a replacement team. In a remarkable turn of events, the roster was bolstered by the addition of former players from the illustrious TyLoo squad, who have now rebranded themselves as Steel Helmet. This exciting development brings a fresh dynamic to the tournament and raises the anticipation among fans and participants alike.

Monte and Chinese Lineup’s Journey

In the Chinese qualifiers for IEM Chengdu, the Chinese lineup, which includes the former trio from TYLOO – Ke “captainMo” Liu, Hui “DD” Wu, and YuanZhang “Attacker” Sheng, showcased their skills and managed to secure a respectable 3rd-4th place. However, despite their valiant efforts, they narrowly missed out on the tournament spots that went to Lynn Vision and TYLOO. Turning our attention to Monte, the Ukrainian team had high hopes for their performance at this LAN tournament. They had undergone significant roster changes and introduced two players from the Monte academy – Gytis “ryu” Glušauskas and Jack “Gizmy” von Spreckelsen – in an attempt to revitalize their lineup. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Monte was unable to compete in the tournament in its entirety, leaving fans and organizers disappointed. This delay in their big debut prolongs the anticipation for the team’s potential and raises questions about their future prospects. Under the guidance of coach Sergey “lmbt” Bejanov, the Monte lineup has experienced a series of ups and downs since the departure of their key players, Victor “sdy” Orudzhev and Alexander “br0” Bro. These two players played a significant role in Monte’s success and their absence has undoubtedly affected the team’s performance.

Despite leaving a strong impression in 2023 and gaining recognition on the international stage, the organization has seemingly faded into obscurity, transforming into just another invisible third-tier team. It is disheartening to witness this decline, as Monte had showcased great promise and potential in the past. Within the Montel organization, it appears that certain events or circumstances have occurred that have derailed their progress and shattered the path they had previously paved. The exact nature of these events remains unknown to the public, leaving fans speculating and yearning for answers. The team’s sudden disappearance from the competitive scene has left a void, and their absence is palpable within the esports community. It is worth noting that the landscape of competitive gaming is highly competitive and ever-evolving. Roster changes, internal conflicts, and external factors can all contribute to the rise and fall of teams. In the case of Monte, it is clear that they are currently facing significant challenges and obstacles that have hindered their growth and success. It remains to be seen how the organization will navigate these difficult times and whether they can regain their momentum and strive for greater achievements. For fans and followers of Monte, the current situation is undoubtedly disheartening. The team had shown great promise and had garnered attention with their performances in the past.

However, setbacks are a part of any journey, and it is essential for the players, coaches, and organization to regroup, reassess their strategies, and work towards overcoming the obstacles they face. The esports community is known for its resilience and ability to bounce back, and it is hoped that Monte can find the strength and determination to rise above their current challenges and reclaim their position among the top-tier teams. The recent developments surrounding Monte and the Chinese lineup in the IEM Chengdu qualifiers reflect the unpredictable nature of competitive gaming. While the Chinese team showcased their skills but narrowly missed out on tournament qualification, Monte’s journey has been plagued by unforeseen circumstances and obstacles. As fans and enthusiasts, we can only hope for a brighter future for both teams, filled with success, growth, and memorable performances on the international stage.

Why were the Monte players unable to travel?

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, all men are currently prohibited from leaving the country. To travel abroad, individuals must possess documents that grant them temporary permission to cross the border, provided they have valid motives and reasons. In 2023, an unfortunate incident unfolded, directly involving the players of Monte. As history serves, the Ukrainian team had proudly represented their country in a major tournament, successfully navigating through the RMR qualifiers and securing a coveted spot in the tournament’s main stage. However, complications arose when they encountered difficulties returning to their homeland on time, inadvertently violating the country’s laws and regulations. The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine took action by publishing a comprehensive list on their official website, documenting athletes who had departed the country under special permissions but had subsequently failed to honor their commitment to return following the conclusion of the respective sporting event. Within this extensive catalog of 236 individuals, the names of Monte’s esports players—specifically Woro2k, DemQQ, and sdy—were regrettably included.

The ramifications of this incident have potentially led to travel restrictions being imposed on the players, hindering their ability to participate in international tournaments. While the exact details and conditions surrounding these restrictions remain shrouded in uncertainty, it is challenging to identify any other plausible explanation for the conspicuous absence of Ukrainian players at tournaments held in China or elsewhere. The impact of these travel restrictions on the players’ careers and aspirations can only be speculated upon. The circumstances surrounding their current predicament are undoubtedly complex and multifaceted, leaving fans, industry insiders, and observers alike grappling with a dearth of information. It is disheartening to witness the absence of Ukrainian players on the international stage, as their talent and contributions have been sorely missed. The repercussions of such travel restrictions are not limited to the players themselves. The esports community as a whole suffers from the absence of Ukrainian representation and the unique flavor they bring to competitions. Their absence is felt in the competitive landscape as fans yearn for the return of these skilled individuals who once proudly donned their national colors.

As time progresses, it is hoped that the situation will evolve and allow for a resolution, granting Ukrainian players the opportunity to once again compete on the international stage and showcase their exceptional skills. The esports community eagerly anticipates the day when Ukrainian players can freely participate in tournaments without the burden of travel restrictions, enabling them to continue their journey and leave an indelible mark on the global esports scene. In conclusion, the travel restrictions imposed on Ukrainian men due to the ongoing war have had a significant impact on the esports community, particularly on players from teams like Monte. The incident in 2023, involving Monte’s players and their inability to return to Ukraine on time, has likely contributed to the restrictions placed upon them. The absence of Ukrainian players at international tournaments raises questions and leaves a void in the competitive landscape. However, with time and positive developments, it is hoped that these restrictions will be lifted, allowing Ukrainian players to once again compete and shine on the global stage.

Ukrainian players from Team Monte, Woro2k, DemQQ and sdy, who are absent from international tournaments, are most likely limited in traveling outside the country due to the current military situation. Do you agree with this statement?
Yes, their absence is probably due to travel restrictions due to the war.
No, there are probably other reasons and restrictions not related to the military situation.
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