SGD Omega interview – “as long as Moonton keeps on supporting its esports scene, I don’t think MLBB will be stopped”

VPEsports recently had the opportunity to ask the rosters of every Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team competing in the MPL-PH a few questions.

In this interview, we spoke with SGD Omega who had plenty to say regarding up and coming players, the MLBB creative team, and the future of mobile esports.

VPEsports: Is there an up and coming player you think teams should keep an eye out for?

SGD Omega: Yes, there are a lot of talented players outside the MPL teams. JakeTheDog (former BOOM Esports), Lift, Hades (former Finesse), h2wo (currently playing in Nexplay), L3vi (former Finesse Solid and SGD)

VPEsports: Which meta was your favorite and why?

SGD Omega: Marksman-mage meta. Which is our peak season as well, wherein we won various tournaments.

VPEsports: What’s the best thing to happen to MLBB in your opinion and why?

SGD Omega: Its support and development on other arcade games such as Magic Chess, Survival, Mirror, Mayhem outside its Brawl as it accommodates non-traditional ML players such as Auto Battler (Magic Chess). MLBB’s creative team is the best thing to happen in MLBB, as they are always creating new ideas to avoid the game from being obsolete.

VPEsports: What’s your favorite sport to watch outside of MLBB? What about traditional sports?

SGD Omega: DOTA2 (Esports) and Basketball (Traditional sports) of course.

VPEsports: What character do you enjoy playing but needs a buff to play in competitive? What would you change?

SGD Omega: Aldous, he is the pub player’s go-to hero. Maybe, change 1 of his skill to an aoe/cc and he might be played in competitive meta again.

VPEsports: Do you think Mobile esports can reach the same heights as PC? What can put it there or stop it?

SGD Omega: In my honest perspective, Mobile Esports in terms of viewership, concurrent players and fan base; it is already greater than PC games in South East Asia Region.

And as long as Moonton keeps on supporting its Esports scene, I don’t think MLBB will be stopped / will die anytime soon.

This is one interview in a series VPEsports is doing with all MPL-PH teams. Check out their opinions on MLBB, mobile games, etc., and please stay tuned for more fresh and interesting interviews and stories!

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