Max Level, a new marketing and public relations (PR) vertical, has been introduced by AFK Gaming.

Indian media company AFK Gaming has recently unveiled a fresh marketing and public relations (PR) vertical called Max Level, spearheaded by Siddharth Nayyar, AFK’s co-Founder and CRO. The aim of Max Level is to provide a range of services that enable brands to tap into the vast gaming and esports audiences.

With a history in the gaming and esports industry dating back to 2012, AFK Gaming has established itself as a specialist in industry news coverage and B2B services. However, the entire suite of B2B offerings will now be consolidated under the Max Level vertical, signaling a dedicated focus on catering to the unique needs of gaming and esports enthusiasts.

AFK Gaming has been involved in gaming and esports since 2012

Since 2012, AFK Gaming has been actively involved in the gaming and esports realm, specializing in delivering industry news coverage and offering B2B services. However, the company has now decided to consolidate its entire range of B2B offerings under the new Max Level vertical.

Headquartered in Noida, India, Max Level provides brands with a variety of avenues to engage with gaming and esports communities. These include campaign management, IP building, and influencer programs. With the launch of Max Level, AFK Gaming has also expanded its service portfolio to include PR and communications.

In the past, AFK Gaming has collaborated with major industry stakeholders such as the ESL FACEIT Group, NODWIN Gaming, OpTic Gaming, and HyperX.

The year 2024 has seen a rise in the number of esports and gaming agencies. Dominic Müller and Marco Niemann, experienced professionals in esports commercial ventures, established Bright Up Agency to facilitate partnerships between esports stakeholders and brands both within and outside the industry.

Siddharth Nayyar commented on the launch of Max Level

In response, Streams Charts, a live-streaming analytics platform, launched an influencer marketing and advertising agency called MIRAI. Concurrently, Mark Carter and Jason Spiller, two experienced figures in the esports industry, established XL STUDIO, a global creative agency.

Commenting on the debut of Max Level, Siddharth Nayyar expressed, “Our team has been actively involved in the global esports ecosystem since 2012, taking on diverse roles such as esports players, team owners, brand managers, tournament organizers, and content creators. With Max Level, our aim is to share our extensive knowledge and insights gained over more than a decade, offering a wide range of services to brands seeking to engage with gaming and esports audiences worldwide.”

Nayyar added, “We are grateful for the ongoing support of our current clients and partners, and we eagerly look forward to establishing new relationships in the future!”

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