Yone’s Abilities and Teaser finally revealed

After several weeks of leaks, rumors, and all the hype created by Riot Games, Yone is finally released as the 150th Champion for League of Legends.

Yasuo’s brother comes with the Spirit Blossom Event, that also brought us another new champion: Lillia. But Yone’s history is the keystone of this event.

As we already knew (because Yone is not new in the League of Legends’ Lore), Yasuo killed his own brother with his sword, and the story after that dark night has been related by Riot Games with this spectacular video:

The great fight between brothers took place after their Master’s death. Yone wanted to fight for honor and seeks Yasuo to challenge him. As a result of this duel, Yasuo cuts Yone with his katana and win the battle.

In the present, Yasuo is just a wandering swordsman and a weird old man offers him to go to his temple to end that sad life… but it was a trap! The old man is a kind of demon called Azakana, a demon that feeds on the obsessive feelings of the people.

Suddenly, Yone appears to help his brother, kills the demon, and locks him in a mask. After the fight, both swordsmen feel in peace with each other. Thanks to that, Yasuo is free to leave Jonia and starts a mysterious trip to the Bilgewater port city… with Ahri.

We still don’t know the purpose of this trip, nor the future of Yone and Yasuo, but for now, we can relate the abilities of the newest League of Legends Champion.

Passive: Way of the Hunter

Yone fights with two blades, and every second auto-attack deals extra magic damage. His critical strike chance is also doubled with the second hit, but his critical strikes would deal less damage.

‘Q’: Mortal Steel

Yone hits forward with his “normal” sword, dealing physical damage to his enemies and gaining a stack of Gathering Storm. With two stacks accumulated, Yone can dash forward that deals airborne to the opponents. Both parts of the ability remind us of Yasuo’s ‘Q’ and ‘E’.

‘W’: Spirit Cleave

With the magic sword, Yone cleaves forward shaping an arc and dealing a percentage of his enemy’s maximum health. If he hits the targeted opponent, Yone also gains a temporary shield. This shield’s power increases with every other champion struck by Spirit Cleave.

‘E’: Soul Unbound

Yone transforms into his Spirit Form, which gives him more movement speed while leaving his body behind. When the Spirit Form expires, Yone will snap back into his body and deal a percentage of all the damage he dealt when he fought in his Spirit Form.

‘R’: Fate Sealed

With both swords in attack position, Yone strikes all enemies in his path, to appear behind the last enemy that he hits, and dealing airborne to everyone.