Karrigan sends Spirit preparing for the next CS2 Major

The outcome of this confrontation turned out to be unexpectedly fascinating, defying all expectations. Only we had the foresight to predict FaZe Clan’s triumph right from the start in our Pick’Em. When comparing donk’s skills to those of players like s1mple or ZywOo, it becomes evident why it took the guys so long to secure their first major event title. As for the young prodigy of Spirit, there is still much work to be done, not just by Daniil, in order to hoist the coveted trophy as the world’s strongest team.

Initially, it may seem plausible to believe that a skilled player can sustain their extraordinary level of performance, continually shattering records for years to come. With the support of a solid team, one might expect them to conquer numerous top-tier tournaments, including Majors. However, reality paints a different picture.

Why did Team Spirit lose?

These types of events always present challenges and stress. The opponents often appear stronger and more experienced, and it’s our own thoughts that can drive us to the brink. It was incredibly intriguing to witness the overwhelming majority of fans favoring Team Spirit as the champions of the PGL Major Copenhagen, completely disregarding their performance against MOUZ in the Elimination stage. Many may argue that it’s unfair to judge based on just one match, but we firmly believe that it is not only possible but necessary. MOUZ demonstrated the techniques to overcome the “dragons” and proved that Team Spirit was not an invincible force. Moreover, the map loss to Natus Vincere by MOUZ only added fuel to the preparation fire for FaZe Clan. Nonetheless, every team is built upon strategies and tactics. In the case of Spirit, since they hadn’t showcased anything exceptional prior to IEM Katowice 2024, no one bothered to fully comprehend the playing style of this revamped team. No one delved into donk’s gameplay style by meticulously analyzing replays of their matches. It was only after Katowice that the world’s top teams began to take Team Spirit more seriously and prepared for them with genuine intent. If we briefly analyze all three maps, an undeniable discrepancy in skill levels among the players becomes apparent.

Undoubtedly, Team Spirit gained donk, but this game is meant to be played as a cohesive unit of five. On the other hand, FaZe Clan appeared remarkably unified, even in the face of setbacks from individual players. Most significantly, during crucial moments of the game, any FaZe player had the potential to step up and overturn what seemed to be a lost situation in favor of their team. Let us acknowledge the fact that FaZe Clan is unequivocally stronger in numerous aspects, while Team Spirit is still in the nascent stages of establishing themselves as a Tier-1 team. It is no secret that donk’s gameplay style tends to lean towards aggression. His composed demeanor and near-flawless aim positioning enable him to secure an abundance of kills. Throughout the series, we observed donk excessively rushing ahead of his teammates, securing a kill, and subsequently succumbing in return. This naturally raises a pertinent question – why not secure the kill and prolong his survival? Why not retreat and provide support for his teammates, securing a couple more kills in the process? Daniil could have exerted a far more significant impact, which may very well be the second reason for Team Spirit’s defeat. The team failed to fully harness Kryzhovka’s potential, or perhaps they are still in the process of determining the optimal approach. Furthermore, FaZe Clan had the luxury of three full days to diligently study their opponents and prepare for the quarterfinals of the Copenhagen Major. When the match commenced, it became immediately apparent that karrigan was more prepared for this encounter than ever before. FaZe Clan’s approach to the match was unparalleled, pushing the boundaries of what seemed feasible. This sentiment was echoed by the captain’s remarks after the series, where he commended both teams for performing at a grand final level and expressed an overwhelming sense of pride in his players.


The match between Team Spirit and FaZe Clan unfolded with an intense battle that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. It all began with FaZe Clan securing a dominant victory on Mirage, Spirit’s map pick, with a score of 13-7. This initial triumph on the enemy’s chosen battleground set the stage for FaZe Clan’s confidence to soar. However, Spirit quickly retaliated on Nuke, FaZe’s map selection, and the match took an exhilarating turn. The game unfolded with a captivating storyline and a series of momentum swings. The initiative and advantage continuously shifted between the two teams, creating a suspenseful atmosphere. At a point when it seemed like FaZe Clan was on the verge of defeat, they displayed remarkable resilience and fought their way back, forcing the map into overtimes. This display of tenacity and composure showcased the determination and skill of both teams. The pinnacle of excitement came during the deciding map, Vertigo, where the stakes were at their highest. FaZe Clan started the first half with a score of 4-8, and at one moment, they held a commanding lead of 5-12, leaving them only one round away from securing a spot in the playoffs. However, Team Spirit refused to back down. With their backs against the wall, they rallied and mounted a remarkable comeback, turning the tide in their favor. The match became a true test of mental fortitude and strategic prowess.

In the end, the battle concluded in overtime, adding even more intensity to the clash. FaZe Clan emerged victorious with a final score of 16-14 on Vertigo, securing their spot in the playoffs. Rain’s crucial performance in the closing moments of the match proved instrumental in FaZe Clan’s triumph. The players displayed incredible skill, determination, and a never-give-up attitude that made the match an unforgettable spectacle for fans and enthusiasts alike. Donk, a standout player from Team Spirit, showcased his individual prowess throughout the match, accumulating an impressive tally of 77 kills and 67 deaths. Despite the team’s defeat, Donk’s exceptional performance highlighted his potential and impact within the lineup. On the FaZe Clan side, broky shone as a top performer, leading his team with 71 kills and 48 deaths. His skill and precision with the AWP were crucial in securing important rounds for FaZe Clan. It is important to acknowledge the outstanding leadership of FaZe Clan’s captain, Karrigan. His strategic guidance and exceptional decision-making played a pivotal role in FaZe Clan’s success. Karrigan’s ability to rally his team, adapt to changing circumstances, and make crucial plays showcased his experience and expertise as a leader. Overall, the match between Team Spirit and FaZe Clan was a spectacle of skill, resilience, and intense competition. Both teams displayed their strengths and fought fiercely until the very end. The outcome of the match serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of competitive Counter-Strike and the thrill it brings to players and fans alike.

Which of the two teams, Team Spirit or FaZe Clan, do you think was the winner of the match?
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