Karmine Corp will enter the season with a new coach

Karmine Corp, the LEC team, is gearing up for a major overhaul of their coaching staff. It has recently come to light that the organization is determined to usher in the new season with a fresh perspective, and this can only be achieved by bringing in an entirely new coaching team.

After a string of seasons, the esteemed French organization has made the momentous decision to relieve Jacob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi of his coaching duties. As previously reported, the reins of leadership will be handed over to the current assistant coach in the upcoming season, and the organization has unequivocally confirmed this development. Réhara “Réha” Ramanana, who has been an integral part of the organization since 2020 and capably helmed the League of Legends team as head coach throughout 2023, will assume the mantle of head coach this spring.

The decision to change the team’s coaching leadership

The decision to change the coaching leadership of the team came after a disappointing season for Karmine Corp. The team finished the season with two consecutive wins in the final week of the regular season after starting the year with a seven-game losing streak. Such underwhelming performance naturally led to changes ahead of the new season. When fans learned about the upcoming reshuffling, they emphasized how little time YamatoCannon had been given to work with the team, especially considering the strong finish they had. It seems that nobody wants to wait and everyone wants to see immediate results from the new appointments.

In a recent interview with Dot Esports, the dismissed coach answered questions and shared insights about the challenges he encountered in the “relentless” regular season, the unpredictable best-of-one series, and the team’s adaptation to the new patch. After the first week, he emphasized the need to “bounce back” quickly to secure a playoff spot. However, the team only showed results after their objective of advancing to the next stage of the competition had become unattainable.

Karmine Corp is proud of its massive fan base

Karmine Corp holds its devoted and passionate fan base in the highest regard, recognizing their unwavering support as an integral part of the organization’s success. As the team made its highly anticipated entry into the prestigious LEC, the outpouring of excitement and fervor from their loyal followers was truly awe-inspiring. The team’s exceptional track record in the esteemed LFL and EMEA Masters only added to the anticipation surrounding their debut in the LEC, resulting in a momentous occasion that captivated audiences both online and within the state-of-the-art Riot Games arena in Berlin. The organization confidently expects this groundswell of support to continue its upward trajectory, fueling the team’s future endeavors.

While the current focus lies on the gripping playoff battles to determine the inaugural LEC champion of 2024, ardent supporters of Karmine Corp eagerly await an official announcement regarding the team’s plans for the forthcoming spring season, slated to commence in March. The organization, driven by a resolute vision for growth and success, has already taken decisive action by opting for a coaching change, thereby replacing the former coach and signaling a firm commitment to continual improvement and achieving new heights.

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