How to get free Radianite Points in Valorant

There are two in-game currency types – Valorant Points (VP) and Radianite Points (RP). Most of Valorant stuff can be unlocked with Valorant Points, including Agent Contracts, Premium Battle Passes, and cosmetics. Radianite Points can be spent to upgrade your weapons’ look and sound in different ways, by changing their VFX, audio, animations, finishers, and color variants.   

So how to actually obtain Radianite Points? Here are several ways to do it.

Free Radianite Points from the Battle Pass

The most common way to collect Radianite Points is through Battle Passes. Each offers 160 RP for you to unlock through 50 tiers, including the epilogue.

Players who opt not to purchase the 1,000 VP Battle Pass can still collect 30 RP via free chapter rewards.

How to claim your free Radianite Points through Amazon Prime Gaming

Riot Games has partnered with Amazon to give out free in-game rewards during certain months of the year. These rewards range from gun buddies, skins, and even free Radianite Points.

Players will need a Prime Gaming membership to claim Valorant rewards. Amazon is offering “a free 30-day trial of Prime” to anyone, which you can capitalize on.

  • Log in your Amazon Prime Gaming account.
  • Click “Try Prime” on the top right of the webpage.
  • Link your Riot Games account to your Amazon account.
  • Claim your free reward.