How can I unlock the FJX Horus SMG in both MW3 and Warzone?

With the arrival of the Season 3 update, players can finally unlock the much-awaited FJX Horus SMG in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. This highly anticipated weapon offers exceptional performance in close-quarters combat, boasting best-in-class CQC damage and unmatched mobility. Its compact design makes it a formidable choice for dominating encounters at short range.

However, unlocking the FJX Horus SMG is not a simple task. By default, the weapon remains inaccessible in both games. To assist players in obtaining this powerful weapon, we have compiled a comprehensive guide specifically tailored for Season 3 of Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to unlock the FJX Horus SMG, ensuring that players can wield its power and outmaneuver their opponents on the battlefield.

How to get the FJX Horus SMG in Warzone and MW3

You can unlock the highly sought-after FJX Horus sub-machine gun by completing Sector 8 of the Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass. The great news is that acquiring this weapon doesn’t require any monetary investment. You can obtain it for free, without having to purchase the premium variant of the battle pass or spend any COD points. This allows players of all levels to access and wield the power of the FJX Horus. However, it’s important to note that unlocking the FJX Horus does require some effort. In order to progress through Sector B7 and earn enough battle pass tokens, you’ll need to accumulate a significant amount of XP. This means engaging in various activities, such as completing challenges, playing matches, and obtaining kills. By actively participating in the game and focusing on these objectives, you’ll be able to unlock the FJX Horus in a reasonable amount of time. For players who prefer a more expedited route, there is an option to instantly obtain the FJX Horus by purchasing the premium BlackCell Battle Pass for $29.99. This not only grants immediate access to the weapon but also unlocks additional premium rewards that are not available with the free version of the battle pass.

If you’re eager to acquire the FJX Horus and enjoy all the benefits of the premium rewards, this option provides a convenient shortcut. When it comes to the weapon’s characteristics, the FJX Horus is highly regarded for its versatility. It excels in various aspects, making it a favorite choice among players who value both agility and firepower. With its impressive fire rate, the FJX Horus delivers a rapid stream of rounds, allowing for quick takedowns of enemies. Its exceptional mobility ensures fluid movement and maneuverability, enabling players to swiftly navigate the battlefield. Additionally, the FJX Horus boasts excellent recoil control, minimizing the weapon’s kickback and allowing for precise and accurate shots. To further optimize the performance of the FJX Horus, players can customize their loadout by attaching various accessories and modifications. The right combination of attachments can significantly enhance the weapon’s effectiveness in different scenarios and playstyles. Experimenting with different setups and finding the perfect combination of attachments that suits your preferences can greatly improve your overall gameplay experience. If you’re unsure about the best class setup and attachment choices for the FJX Horus, you can rely on our comprehensive FJX Horus loadout guide. This guide will provide valuable insights and recommendations on how to maximize the potential of the weapon, helping you make the most out of your gameplay.

In conclusion, the FJX Horus sub-machine gun is a highly coveted weapon in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 3. By completing Sector 8 of the Battle Pass, players have the opportunity to unlock this powerful weapon without any additional cost. Whether you choose to invest the time and effort to earn it through gameplay or opt for the shortcut of acquiring the premium Battle Pass, the FJX Horus will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay experience with its versatility, firepower, and mobility.

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