Good Game Global and Infobip Join Forces to Organize LAN Finals for Student Esports Tournament in Croatia

Good Game Global, an esports organizer and agency from Croatia, has formed a partnership with Infobip, a Croatian IT company, to co-host the LAN finals of the Student Esports Tournament (SET) at the Infobip Campus in Zagreb, Croatia. This highly anticipated event will showcase the skills of eight university teams as they compete in separate finals for four popular games: League of Legends, Counter-Strike, VALORANT, and Rocket League. The finals will take place at the Infobip Alpha Centauri headquarters.

Now in its fifth season, SET has become the largest student esports competition in Croatia, attracting participation from 22 universities and colleges across the country. The tournament features teams competing in VALORANT, Counter-Strike 2, Rocket League, and League of Legends, adding to the excitement and diversity of the event.

The new season has seen some changes to the format.

In the latest season, there have been some exciting changes to the tournament format. One notable adjustment is that each university now has the opportunity to field separate rosters for each game, deviating from the previous practice of having a single group of players competing across all titles.

Additionally, this event holds the distinction of being the regional qualifier for several prominent European tournaments, including the University Esports Masters, FACEIT Collegiate Europe, and UNIRocketeers. This offers participating teams a chance to compete at a higher level and earn recognition on a broader stage.

The LAN finals will take place at the Alpha Centauri Campus, which serves as the impressive Innovation Campus for Infobip, a leading Croatian IT company. Interestingly, Infobip holds the distinction of being the first-ever Croatian company to achieve a valuation surpassing $1 million. Through a partnership with Good Game Global, Infobip is graciously providing the event space at their cutting-edge campus, established in 2022.

Nikola Stolnik, CEO of Good Game Global commented

The event has garnered support from notable brands such as McDonald’s, Corsair, Hisense, Acer, and Philips OneBlade, alongside Infobip and other local partners and sponsors. This marks a significant milestone as McDonald’s lends its support to an esports project in Croatia for the very first time.

Nikola Stolnik, the CEO of Good Game Global, expressed great enthusiasm for co-hosting the LAN finals of the Student Esports Tournament with Infobip, Croatia’s pioneering unicorn company. Over the course of five seasons, Good Game Global has been dedicated to realizing their vision of delivering the ultimate student esports experience, consistently pushing the boundaries of production. Stolnik emphasized their unwavering commitment to providing students with the utmost quality, and together with their partners, they are steadily advancing towards the realization of their goal to bridge the tech community with students who have a passion for esports.

Good Game Global is widely acclaimed for their flagship B2B esports event, Good Game Zagreb. This exceptional event showcases exhilarating Counter-Strike matches where regional tech companies compete against each other, further solidifying Good Game Global’s reputation in the industry.

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