Getting Agents in Valorant: A Guide

When starting out in Valorant, newcomers will quickly discover that their agent selection is restricted to a small handful of options. Out of the numerous agents available in the game, only five are immediately accessible to players. This limitation underscores the significance of understanding how to acquire additional agents in Valorant. By unlocking more agents, players can expand their repertoire and avoid being constrained to a single character. Having a diverse pool of agents to choose from is crucial, as each team can only have one unique agent. This means that if your preferred agent is already selected by a teammate, you’ll need to be proficient with an alternative character.

Furthermore, a larger agent pool opens up a wealth of strategic possibilities for team composition. Valorant features different agent classes, including duelists, controllers, initiators, and sentinels. Each class possesses unique abilities and playstyles, contributing to the overall synergy and effectiveness of the team. By having access to a wider range of agents, players can adapt to different situations and fulfill specific roles that complement their teammates’ abilities. In summary, acquiring more agents in Valorant is vital for both personal flexibility and team dynamics. By broadening your agent selection, you can enhance your gameplay experience and contribute to a well-rounded and versatile team composition.

This is how to get agents in Valorant

Valorant’s in-game point system plays a crucial role in the progression and unlocking of agents. The system was introduced in Episode 7, offering players a structured and rewarding path to expand their agent selection. When a new agent is released in Valorant, a special 28-day event is initiated. This event serves as an opportunity for players to unlock the latest agent by earning a specific amount of XP within the event’s duration.

This creates a sense of anticipation and engagement among players as they strive to meet the XP requirements and gain access to the new agent. In addition to the event-based unlocking, Valorant players also have the option to unlock previous agents through the in-game store. However, this method requires a currency investment. To acquire a past agent, players can choose to spend either 1,000 VP (Valorant Points) or 8,000 Kingdom Points.

Earning Kingdom Points can be accomplished by completing daily and weekly missions. These missions offer players various objectives and tasks to undertake, encouraging regular gameplay and providing a sense of progression. By actively participating in these missions, players can steadily accumulate Kingdom Points over time, enabling them to unlock agents from the past and expand their agent pool. The in-game point system in Valorant adds depth and strategy to the game’s progression mechanics. It incentivizes players to engage with events, complete missions, and invest in unlocking new agents. This not only enhances the gameplay experience but also encourages players to explore different agent playstyles and strategies, contributing to the overall diversity and competitiveness of Valorant’s community.

In summary, Valorant’s in-game point system offers players a structured and rewarding pathway to unlock agents. Through event participation, XP accumulation, and currency investment, players can expand their agent roster, adapt to different playstyles, and elevate their gameplay in the ever-evolving world of Valorant.

Step-by-step guide

  • Go to the ‘Agents’ tab in Valorant’s in-game store
  • Select the agent you want to unlock
  • Click on the “activate contract” tab
  • Gain 8,000 Kingdom Points to unlock an agent
  • Players can also spend 1,000 Valorant points to unlock an agent
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