FlyQuest coach accused of sexual addiction to minors

Richard Su, the LCS coach from the organization FlyQuest, has been suspended from his duties following allegations of grooming. It appears that he used an alternate identity to engage in flirtatious conversations with minors online.

According to sources from Sheep Esports, the coach had an account registered on X, where he lied about his age in order to interact with underage girls in this manner. These accusations involve multiple girls, and his actions, as claimed by journalists, are already well-known in the OCE LoLEsports community.

Career of a scandalous coach

The revelation of the coach’s deceptive actions and inappropriate behavior has sent shockwaves throughout the esports community. It is a deeply concerning situation that raises questions about the safety and well-being of young individuals within the gaming industry. The fact that the coach created a fake account and pretended to be a much younger person in order to engage in conversations with an underage girl is deeply troubling. It demonstrates a clear breach of trust and a disregard for the boundaries that should be in place to protect minors. The coach’s actions not only violated ethical standards but also potentially crossed legal boundaries. The confirmation from multiple sources, including those within Sheep Esports, further solidifies the seriousness of the allegations against the coach. It is disheartening to learn that this is not the first instance of such behavior from him. The pattern of flirting with young individuals and engaging in toxic behavior towards others raises concerns about his character and suitability as a mentor within the esports community. Prior to this controversy, Richard Su, also known as “Phantiks,” had established himself as a strategic coach in the LCS, contributing to FlyQuest’s success in securing first place during the regular season. His expertise and knowledge were highly regarded, and his involvement with the team seemed promising. However, this incident has tarnished his reputation and cast a shadow over his previous accomplishments.

Richard’s background as a former professional player in the Oceanic League, competing in prestigious tournaments like Worlds and Mid-Season Invitational, added to his credibility and experience within the esports scene. The transition from player to coach is a common career path in the industry, and many individuals have successfully made that transition. However, it is essential to hold coaches and mentors accountable for their actions, ensuring the safety and well-being of players, especially minors. The esports community is now faced with the challenge of addressing this issue and implementing stricter measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Safeguarding the welfare of young players should be a top priority, and organizations must take proactive steps to create a safe environment within the industry. This includes thorough background checks, robust policies against inappropriate behavior, and educational programs to raise awareness about the risks and consequences of online interactions. It is crucial for the esports community to come together and condemn such actions, sending a clear message that this behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. By fostering a culture of respect, responsibility, and accountability, the industry can strive towards creating a more inclusive and secure environment for all participants.

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