Exciting announcements for Diablo IV and WoW, a new Overwatch 2 hero and much more: Blizzard unveils BlizzCon 2024 schedule

With just a month left until the start of BlizzCon 2024, the organizers of the annual Blizzard Entertainment festival have revealed what viewers of the live broadcasts and regular attendees can expect from the event. The opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2024 will begin on January 29 at 21:00 Kyiv time and will feature “exciting announcements” regarding World of Warcraft, Diablo IV, Hearthstone, Warcraft Rumble, and Overwatch 2.

New Overwatch 2 Hero: Blizzard Unveils BlizzCon 2023 Schedule

Previously, it was reported that Warcraft Rumble (a free-to-play action-strategy game for smartphones) will be released on January 29, right in the midst of BlizzCon 2024. Additionally, the festival is expected to announce the first expansion for Diablo IV.

Furthermore, in subsequent broadcasts of BlizzCon 2024, they promise to provide updates on the future of World of Warcraft (including Classic), Hearthstone, Overwatch 2 (with the introduction of a new hero), and Diablo IV.

The full BlizzCon 2023 broadcast schedule is as follows (Kyiv time):

  • November 3 at 21:00 – opening ceremony;
  • November 3 at 23:30 – discussion of the latest content for World of Warcraft;
  • November 4 at 00:30 – presentation of the new Overwatch 2 hero;
  • November 4 at 01:30 – discussion of the latest content for World of Warcraft; Classic;
  • November 4 at 02:30 – discussion of the latest content for Hearthstone;
  • November 4 at 03:30 – Warcraft Rumblings (Warcraft Rumble);
  • November 4 at 22:00 – deep dive into World of Warcraft with the development team;
  • November 4 at 23:30 – discussion of the eighth season and the future of Overwatch 2;
  • November 5 at 00:30 – discussion of what awaits Diablo IV in the future;
  • November 5 at 02:45 – community evening;
  • November 5 at 04:15 – performance by Le Sserafim (South Korean girl group that collaborated with Overwatch 2).

Furthermore, Blizzard has unveiled the schedule of in-person events at BlizzCon 2024 for those planning to attend the festival. The schedule includes sessions for World of Warcraft, Warcraft Rumble, Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, and Hearthstone.

Finally, virtual attendees of BlizzCon 2024 will have the opportunity to purchase the BlizzCon Collection, a commemorative set featuring themed in-game items for World of Warcraft, Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, Hearthstone, and Warcraft Rumble, as a keepsake.

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