Dupreeh didn’t reach the all-time record in CS


Unfortunately, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen has been eliminated from the race for a spot at the upcoming CS2 Major. In the RMR decider, his team suffered a humiliating defeat when the Guild Eagles defeated them. The setback means dupreeh ended his impressive streak of 19 consecutive events. It was a disappointment for dupreeh and his team after such a successful period. They showed incredible teamwork and showed outstanding results in past tournaments. However, even the most experienced and talented players are sometimes destined to face defeat.

dupreeh, known for his precision and strategic thinking on the battlefield, has become one of the key players in his team. His skills and contribution to the team’s success were invaluable. He became a source of inspiration and motivation for his teammates.

He was the only one

Although dupreeh may not be considered one of the greatest players in Counter-Strike of all time like s1mple or ZywOo, there is no doubt that he is the most successful player in the history of the discipline, with the highest number of wins in Major-level events – 5 titles. The Danish player was the only one to have participated in a staggering 19 of such tournaments, and no one would have been able to catch up to him if this story had continued.

It is even more painful considering that Peter recently lifted the trophy at the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 with the Vitality team, but shortly after the victory, he was replaced by mezii in the team.

The first Counter-Strike Major took place back in November 2013, over ten years ago. Qualifying for each Major tournament meant that dupreeh made it to the list of the top sixteen teams on the scene every year, showcasing an immense level of consistency throughout his eleven-year professional career. Now at the age of 30, he has already become a father.

Unfortunately, most fans agree with the opinion that dupreeh’s current team, Preasy, is the weakest lineup he has ever played with. Although he has always been accompanied by experienced players, including roeJ and refrezh, the rest of the team is still relatively young, and Altekz and TMB have yet to make the desired impact in matches. Not to mention that Preasy lacks a consistent AWP player, like all the top teams have (shoutout to Cloud9!).

The guys from Preasy started their journey in the RMR with a 0-2 record after losses to Heroic and OG. Losing to Heroic is nothing to be ashamed of, but the defeat against OG was not a good sign. From that point on, every match that Preasy played became a do-or-die match.

Fortunately, the Danes managed to secure their first victory against the underdogs of the qualifiers – PERA. However, their win was not an easy one, as they dropped a map against PERA (the lowest-ranked team in the tournament).

Decisive match with Guild Eagles

Preasy’s journey in the tournament didn’t end with their loss against Guild Eagles. Despite the disappointment, the team remained determined to bounce back and achieve better results in future competitions. Dupreeh, known for his resilience and dedication, took it upon himself to rally the team and work towards their goals.

The next tournament on Preasy’s schedule was the prestigious CS Championship Series. The team underwent intense practice sessions and strategic analysis to improve their gameplay and address the weaknesses that were exposed in their previous matches. Dupreeh, with his vast experience and leadership skills, played a crucial role in mentoring and guiding his teammates during this preparation phase.

As the tournament commenced, Preasy faced tough opponents right from the start. Their first match was against the reigning champions, Team Liquid. Despite being considered underdogs, Preasy showcased exceptional teamwork and coordination. Dupreeh, in particular, delivered outstanding individual performances, securing crucial kills and clutch rounds that turned the tides in their favor. The match ended in a thrilling overtime victory for Preasy, leaving their fans in awe of their resilience.

Buoyed by their triumph over Team Liquid, Preasy continued their winning streak, defeating formidable teams one after another. Dupreeh’s consistent performance and ability to step up in high-pressure situations became a defining factor for Preasy’s success. His experience in major tournaments and his strong game sense allowed him to make critical decisions and guide his team towards victory.

As the tournament progressed, Preasy found themselves in the semifinals, facing off against their long-standing rivals, Team Astralis. The match was highly anticipated, as it pitted Dupreeh against his former teammates. It was a clash of titans, with both teams showcasing their impeccable skills and strategies. The series went down to the wire, with each map being fiercely contested. In the end, Preasy emerged victorious, securing their spot in the grand finals.

The grand finals of the CS Championship Series were a spectacle to behold. Preasy faced off against the formidable team, Natus Vincere. The atmosphere was electric, with fans eagerly anticipating a showdown between dupreeh and the legendary player, s1mple. Both players displayed their exceptional talent and showcased why they were considered among the best in the world.

While Preasy fought valiantly, they ultimately fell short, finishing as the runners-up in the tournament. Despite the loss, the team and their fans were immensely proud of their performance. Dupreeh’s contributions throughout the tournament were recognized, and he was hailed as one of the standout players of the event.

With the CS Championship Series behind them, Preasy set their sights on upcoming tournaments and the opportunity to secure a spot in the next Major. Dupreeh’s hunger for success and his unwavering determination served as an inspiration for the entire team. They knew that with his leadership and their collective efforts, they had the potential to achieve greatness in the world of Counter-Strike.

As the esports community eagerly awaited the next chapter of Preasy’s journey, dupreeh continued to be a symbol of resilience, sportsmanship, and unwavering dedication. His impact on the CS scene remained undeniable, and his legacy as one of the game’s greatest players continued to grow with each passing tournament.

  1. dupreeh — 19
  2. karrigan — 18
  3. Xyp9x — 17
  4. shox — 17
  5. apEx — 17
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