Dream Team of ESL Pro League Season 19

ESL Pro League Season 19 captivated audiences worldwide with its thrilling three-week duration, bringing together 32 teams from across the globe to fiercely compete for a substantial prize pool of $750,000. The culmination of this intense tournament was a dramatic finale that left spectators on the edge of their seats as MOUZ emerged victorious with a resounding 3:0 triumph over Vitality. Their impressive performance not only secured them the prestigious $170,000 top prize but also granted them a coveted spot at IEM Cologne 2024, solidifying their status as one of the elite teams in the industry. Throughout the tournament, amidst the backdrop of intense competition and high stakes, several players showcased exceptional skills, strategic gameplay, and the ability to excel under pressure. These standout individuals played pivotal roles within their respective teams, contributing to their success and leaving a lasting impression on both fans and analysts alike.

The dream team of ESL Pro League Season 19 is a collection of these exceptional players who consistently demonstrated their prowess and impact on the game. Their exceptional teamwork, individual brilliance, and tactical acumen set them apart, making them the embodiment of excellence within the competitive esports landscape. From clutch plays to remarkable displays of skill, the dream team of ESL Pro League Season 19 exemplifies the pinnacle of competitive gaming. As fans reflect on the tournament, these exceptional players will be remembered for their remarkable performances, their ability to rise to the occasion, and their contributions to their teams’ success. ESL Pro League Season 19 has once again proven to be a showcase of talent, determination, and the relentless pursuit of victory. As the esports industry continues to grow, events like these serve as a testament to the skill and dedication of the players who make it all possible. The dream team of ESL Pro League Season 19 stands as a testament to the power of teamwork, strategy, and individual brilliance in the world of competitive gaming.

ESL Pro League Season 19

Opener – Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski

  • Stats: 0.186 opening kills per round, 0.114 opening deaths per round, 0.152 trade rate
  • Overall Rating: 7.0

Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski demonstrated remarkable prowess in initiating engagements, his aggressive yet calculated approach ensured that his team often had the early advantage. With an impressive average of 0.186 opening kills per round, EliGE consistently found crucial picks that set the tone for his team’s success. His ability to create openings and secure advantageous positions proved instrumental in their gameplay. Not only was EliGE a formidable opener, but he also showcased excellent survivability with an average of 0.114 opening deaths per round. This resilience allowed him to consistently stay alive after securing the initial kill, maximizing his impact and providing his team with valuable map control. By minimizing his early-round deaths, EliGE maintained a consistent presence on the battlefield, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with. Additionally, EliGE boasted a commendable trade rate of 0.152, highlighting his ability to secure trade kills to support his teammates. This trade rate showcases his understanding of the importance of teamwork and his willingness to put himself in advantageous positions to capitalize on his team’s success. EliGE’s ability to effectively trade kills ensured that his team maintained a strong presence in crucial firefights, giving them a significant edge over their opponents. With an overall rating of 7.0, EliGE’s performances throughout ESL Pro League Season 19 were consistently impressive. He became a common contender for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title, earning recognition for his outstanding contributions to his team’s success. However, despite EliGE’s exceptional performance, his team Complexity faced challenges in providing him with the necessary support to secure victory. Despite their efforts, they fell just one step short of reaching the final. In the semifinals, they faced MOUZ, a formidable opponent that proved to be a significant obstacle in their path to success.

AWPer – Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz

  • Stats: 0.354 AWP kills per round, 7 triple kills, 27 double kills
  • Overall Rating: 7.0

Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, widely recognized for his exceptional AWP skills, was a force to be reckoned with throughout ESL Pro League Season 19. As the designated AWPer for his team, dev1ce consistently delivered impactful kills with his sniper rifle, often turning the tide of rounds in his team’s favor. Dev1ce’s impressive average of 0.354 AWP kills per round underscored his ability to make crucial picks and provide his team with a distinct advantage in critical situations. His precision and timing with the AWP allowed him to secure kills with remarkable consistency, earning him a reputation as one of the most dangerous snipers in the game. Furthermore, dev1ce’s contributions extended beyond individual kills. With 7 triple kills and 27 double kills to his name, he demonstrated his ability to excel in high-pressure situations and deliver multi-kill rounds that swung the momentum in his team’s favor. These clutch performances showcased his composure and ability to make a significant impact when his team needed it most. Dev1ce’s overall rating of 7.0 reflected his consistent contributions and impact on his team’s success throughout the tournament. His exceptional AWP play and ability to deliver crucial kills were vital in securing victories and propelling his team forward. It is worth noting that dev1ce took on the role of in-game leader (IGL) during ESL Pro League Season 19, a responsibility that added another layer of complexity to his gameplay. Despite the added responsibilities, dev1ce successfully led his team, Astralis, back to the status of title contenders. His leadership and ability to adapt to different roles showcased his versatility and further solidified his position as one of the best players in the game.

Clutcher – Karim “Krimbo” Moussa

  • Stats: 2 1v3, 1 1v2, 4 1v1
  • Overall Rating: 6.5

Karim “Krimbo” Moussa stood out as a formidable clutcher throughout ESL Pro League Season 19. His ability to thrive in high-pressure situations and pull off impressive clutch rounds made him a valuable asset to his team. Krimbo’s clutch statistics were a testament to his ability to excel when the odds seemed stacked against him. With 2 1v3 victories, 1 1v2 victory, and 4 1v1 victories, he consistently showcased his composure and skill in clutch scenarios. These clutch performances not only secured rounds for his team but also shifted the momentum and provided them with a psychological advantage over their opponents. Furthermore, Krimbo’s calm and composed gameplay during critical moments allowed his team to recover from seemingly dire situations. His ability to make intelligent decisions under pressure and deliver impactful killsallowed his team to overcome challenging circumstances and secure victories that might have otherwise been out of reach. Krimbo’s overall rating of 6.5 reflected his significant contributions as a clutcher. However, despite his impressive performances, it became evident that his current team, BIG, struggled to provide the necessary support to maximize their potential. Considering Krimbo’s exceptional skills and consistent clutch performances, it wouldn’t be surprising if he starts attracting interest from other teams who can offer him better opportunities to showcase his talents.

Support – Dan “apEX” Madesclaire


  • Stats: 0.036 flash assists per round, 2.2 Molotov damage per round, 5.69 HE damage per round
  • Overall Rating: 5.7

Dan “apEX” Madesclaire excelled in his support role throughout ESL Pro League Season 19. As a support player, his primary focus was on maximizing damage and creating openings for his teammates through the effective use of utility. ApEX’s contribution to his team’s success went beyond individual kills. His average of 0.036 flash assists per round highlighted his ability to blind opponents and create opportunities for his teammates to secure kills. By effectively utilizing flashbangs, ApEX played a crucial role in disrupting enemy defenses and enabling his team to gain an advantage in crucial firefights. Furthermore, ApEX’s expertise in positioning and timing with Molotovs and high-explosive grenades proved invaluable in his team’s strategic executions. With an average of 2.2 Molotov damage and 5.69 HE damage per round, he consistently applied pressure to the opposition, denying them favorable positions and forcing them to reposition. While ApEX’s support contributions were commendable, it appeared that he wasn’t able to demonstrate enough support in the final match. Despite his efforts, his team couldn’t secure the victory, indicating that there may have been limitations in terms of team coordination or execution in that particular match. ApEX’s overall rating of 5.7 reflected his contributions in the support role throughout the tournament. His expertise in utility usage and ability to create openings for his teammates were crucial in his team’s success. Moving forward, it would be essential for ApEX and his team to analyze their performance and identify areas for improvement to strengthen their overall gameplay and increase their chances of achieving success in future competitions.

MVP – Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut

  • Stats: 0.91 kills per round, 95 ADR
  • Overall Rating: 7.6

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut was undoubtedly the standout player of ESL Pro League Season 19, deserving of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title. His outstanding performances across the board solidified his position as one of the best players in the game. ZywOo’s average of 0.91 kills per round showcased his exceptional fragging ability. His impressive aim, game sense, and consistency allowed him to consistently secure kills and have a significant impact on the outcome of rounds. His ability to find key frags in crucial moments often turned the tide of matches in his team’s favor. Furthermore, ZywOo’s average damage per round (ADR) of 95 demonstrated his ability to consistently deal significant damage to opponents. His high ADR indicated that he was actively involved in engagements, consistently contributing to his team’s success through his impactful plays. ZywOo’s overall rating of 7.6 reflected his exceptional performances and the instrumental role he played in his team’s success throughout the tournament. His ability to consistently deliver top-tier play and make a significant impact on the game made him a formidable threat to any opponent. However, it’s important to note that individual brilliance alone cannot guarantee trophies, as was the case in ESL Pro League Season 19. Team coordination, strategy, and execution are all vital components for achieving success in competitive Counter-Strike.

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Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski
Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut
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