The best cosplay of Dota 2 characters – we collected the coolest works from The International


Yesterday (October 30) the winner of The International 2022 MOBA Dota 2 world championship became known . The first place went to Tundra Esports ($8.4 million prize), which defeated Team Secret in the final ($2.4 million prize for second place). The event was not without a thematic cosplay , in which the winner was also revealed.

It turned out to be a cosplayer Shabaz, who reincarnated as Ember Spirit.

Cosplay Dota 2 TI-11 2022

Mizuki Otawa won the Best Transformation category for his Huskar cosplay.

But the recognition of the jury received Hadi Aker for cosplay Weaver (Weaver).

As for the Best Technique nomination, Arty.ficer x Aviantese was chosen as the winner for Rubick’s look.

We have collected other photos and cosplay videos of various Dota 2 characters that could be seen at The International 2022.



More cool cosplay can be found in the recent edition of our weekly compilation . It includes images of Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village , Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3 and more.

Let’s remember the history of cosplay at all The International

The International is remembered not only by the matches with the participation of the strongest progamers of the planet and the opening ceremony, but also recently by the cosplay contest, which brings together the best Dota 2 cosplayers from all over the world. Despite the fact that the first full-fledged cosplay competition at TI was held in 2016, cosplayers have been represented at this tournament before. We recall the coolest cosplay from the championship, which you are not ashamed to show to your friends.

The International 2013

The International 2014

Cosplay Queen of Pain Dota 2
Cosplay Rubick Dota 2
Cosplay QOP Dota 2
Cosplay Blood Seeker Dota 2

The International 2015

Cosplay Pudge Dendi Dota 2

At All Star Match The International 5, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin appeared as Pudge, which surprised the audience.

Cosplay Crystal Maiden Dota 2
Cosplay CM Dota 2
Cosplay Drow Ranger Dota 2
Cosplay Pudge Dota 2

The International 2016

Cosplay Legion Commander Dota 2

**The main prize of The International 2016 cosplay competition went to the participant who submitted a cosplay on Legion Commander. **

Cosplay CM Dota 2
Cosplay Roshan Dota 2

The International 2017

Cosplay Clockwerk Dota 2

The winner of the cosplay contest at The International 2017 is Ellie from Vancouver cosplaying on Clockwerk. She received $4,000 for first place.

Cosplay AXE Dota 2
Cosplay PA Dota 2
Cosplay oracle Dota 2
Cosplay invoker oracle Dota 2