Digest of the second week of LCK Spring

The second week of the LCK spring season has come to an end, and events are quickly moving in the direction indicated by last year’s statistics. The only question was who would come out on top in the group stage: T1 or Gen.G Esports. This question was answered on the first day when Gen.G defeated T1 with a score of 2-1.

Of course, things could still change in the next three weeks, but that is highly unlikely. The only thing T1 can do is win all their matches and hope that Gen.G Esports lose at least once. Even if that doesn’t happen, the truly important phase of LCK Spring 2024 will begin in the playoffs. It is there that the true rankings of the season are determined.

Second week results

The second week of the LCK 2024 spring season featured the usual 10 matches. Interestingly, T1 and Gen.G both emerged victorious twice. The only other team to achieve this feat was Freecs. They defeated KT Rolster (2-1) and then NS RedForce (0-2).

For the top favorites, Gen.G and T1, the matches this week proved to be quite challenging.

Gen.G lost their first game against Dplus but managed to make a comeback using Jayce and Tristana. T1 faced a similar situation against KT Rolster. They attempted to make Azir “work” as they did against Gen.G but couldn’t find success with that tactic. To turn things around, they opted for Corki and Orianna for Faker, who almost single-handedly won games number 2 and 3.

  • BRION (0 P – 4 P)
  • DragonX (1 P – 3 P)
  • Nongshim RedForce (1 P – 3 P)

Two teams eagerly awaiting Gen.G to make a mistake are T1 (3 W – 1 L) and Hanwha Life Esports (3 W – 1 L). In the case of the latter, the second week didn’t go entirely according to their plan. The first match against FearX was relatively easy, but the match against T1 turned out to be catastrophic.

Faker used Neeko and Orianna to defeat Hanwha’s Corki and was highly successful with both picks. As for T1’s bot lane, they opted for Kalista and Varus as their primary choices.

Four teams currently have a 2 P–2 P record:

  • Dplus
  • KT Rolster
  • FearX
  • Freecs

All of them have a good chance of making the playoffs from one of the first six positions.

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