Owning the Meme, EZ 4 ENCE

The most famous line to come out of the Dark Knight trilogy was, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” For an esports team then you either die a meme or live long enough to see yourself become the hero. ENCE was once a low tier CS:GO team among many. I’m not sure what happened as I missed the origins of it, but this meme came to stick to the org around 2016.

ez 4 professional eSports organization ENCE E-sports containing of AWPer Aleksi “Allu” Jalli, ingame leader Niko “naSu” Kovanen, rifler Miikka “suNny” Kemppi, allround player Juho “Juhob” Lampinen & the mad fragger Mikko “Xarte” Välimaa from the finnish eSports organization ENCE e-sports from the nordic country Finland

It’s a sarcastic remark about how they weren’t a good team, but the great things about meme is that they are malleable. So long as the team survives long enough, then the meme itself will change. I’ve seen this before when Haypro was called “The banjo” in SC2 as he was the opposite of a bonjwa. However in his one good MLG run, Banjo was spammed in celebration as he made his a great performance.

In the same way, ENCE have used the meme and it has been repurposed for their own glory. Now that they have eliminated Mouz and NiP, the EZ 4 ENCE meme is now spammed everywhere with new memes glorifying their upset victories over others.

Let this be a lesson to all aspiring esports teams, own the meme and one day it will be a herald to your glory when you finally make the come up.