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There’s been a new update to the saga of FunPlus Phoenix’s entry into Counter-Strike as the organization will now field the former Bad News Bears roster in FLASHPOINT 1.

Having originally made their debut with the Heroic roster, things went amuck when Astralis and Patrick “es3tag” Hansen struck a deal for the Danish player to join their ranks. This led to a breakdown of the deal and left FunPlus Phoenix in need of a team.

They attempted to grab the former eUnited roster known as Swole Patrol and the move was announced before it appears a deal could not be met between the roster and organization.

Now Peter “ptr” Gurney’s side will get their roster under the organization and in the league.

FPX has quite a hole to dig themselves out of, having forfeit the latter part of phase 1 due to the roster issues.

The lineup will make its FPX debut against c0ntact today. Joining them in the group deemed “The Replacements” will be MAD Lions, Chaos, and the aforementioned c0ntact.

The drama of FPX’s step into the space will be one that people will remember for some time and it’s not even for sure this is where it ends.

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