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End of the decade and a new record for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The popular first-person shooter has hit its highest ever number of average monthly players according to Steamcharts.

The game released in August 2012 and had its pre-2019 highest set back in February 2017 at 402,385. According to the stats, August 2019 saw a new record set at 415,097 and December turned out to be even more popular.

The new record has been set at 456,701 average players for December 2019.


It’s not too much of a surprise given the latest content update, Operation Shattered Web which saw the game gain new player models, weapon skins, voice lines, missions and more.

With all the new features of the game, many players returned to give the game another try and some are making their first appearance. Given the games move to free to play a year ago, updates like this one are certain to bring in a new wave of players looking to experience the excitement.

Counter-Strike has been a popular title since it’s release in 1999 and continued to grow after being brought into the Steam platform up to its 1.6 version. In 2004 Counter-Strike: Source was released and not followed up until eight years later with the release of CS:GO.

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