CS:GO: Bhop commands and how to use them

Bunny Hopping, also known as BHopping, which origins can be traced back to classics like Quake, has been a staple of Source engine games. While the developers of Counter-Strike did not originally plan for BHopping to be a regular occurrence in the game, players have persisted in perfecting it even after the initial “nerf” in Counter-Strike 1.4. 

However, Bunny Hopping was much easier to pull off in live games in earlier Counter-Strike titles. With the release of Global Offensive in 2012, when the technique became more difficult to produce especially in live matches, BHopping fans didn’t stop pushing it to its limits in the Valve title. Nevertheless, unless you head into a private game and use some simple commands to turn yourself into the next Bhop master, the maneuver remains mostly inaccessible. 

If you aspire to become a Bhop master in CS:GO, here’s everything you need to know. 

Full list of Bhop Commands in CS:GO

Here is the list of Bhop commands you can use in CS:GO. Just copy and paste them into the console for easy access:  

  • sv_cheats 1;
  • sv_enablebunnyhopping 1;
  • sv_maxvelocity 3500;
  • sv_staminamax 0;
  • sv_staminalandcost 0.050;
  • sv_staminajumpcost 0.080;
  • sv_accelerate_use_weapon_speed 0;
  • sv_staminarecoveryrate 0;
  • sv_autobunnyhopping 1;
  • sv_airaccelerate 12.

How to use Bhop commands in CS:GO

Before diving into BHopping, you have to first enable the Developer Console. To do so tap on the gear icon on the left of the main menu that reads “Settings menu” when hovered over and click on the “Game” tab at the top of your screen. There you will see “Enable Developer Console (~)” near the top of the settings, set the option to “YES.”

After that you need to head back to the main menu and hit the play button at the top and choose “Offline With Bots”. Once you’ve loaded in, open the console by pressing the “~” key by default and remove the bots using the “/bot_kick” command. 

Holding the jump button (Spacebar by default), you will be able to Bunny Hop and feel like you are the pro BHopper in the game. To perform a Bhop hold down Spacebar and use your A and D keys to strafe left and right.

However, keep in mind these commands will not work in every CS:GO game mode or server. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and expectations of the specific server or competition you are taking part in.