CS2 Overpass has broken new angles your opponents will never guess

Some changes affected Valve’s Overpass CS2 bringing a series of cosmetics, including new angles only now being discovered days later. Players learnt practice servers and tried to find new “jump spot” positions all over the map – and there are more than a few.

CS2 gamers have investigated ways to reach fuse boxes and ledges throughout Overpass, and they’re definitely worth learning. Positions like Short B and A head now have self-boost jumps, providing jump-spot angles or even complete map vision.

We know for sure, if Valve has no plan to improve these angles, the Overpass meta will change dramatically.

Every new Overpass angle after CS2 update

Players can now see the entirety of Heaven as well as parts of Graffiti towards the B-site by jumping onto the fuse box on the wall at Short through these newly-discovered CS2-specific boosts.

One spot requires a teammate but can be a game-changing angle that cuts off several tricky positions toward the B-site. To complete the boost, one player stands atop sandbags at Short-B, and the other runs off the other player’s head to reach the lights on one of the Short walls. This means players can see all of Connector entrance, parts of Graffiti, Heaven, and a large portion of B-site. There are three new positions in this area alone.

In spite of being believed to be inaccessible, CS2 players have also understood how to get on top of Long-A’s self-boost, which is a play that was used very often throughout CS:GO. They’ve also found a way to self-boost onto the notorious Olof boost position which sent ripples through the CS:GO scene years ago.

The only drawback to these is your movement has to be precise. Some of these positions require B-hops to access but can be done consistently with practice.