Cloud9 Signs CDL and Warzone Rosters

Cloud9 Signs CDL and Warzone Rosters

After an absence of around seven years, Cloud9 has made a triumphant return to the competitive Call of Duty scene. The organization has not just signed one, but two rosters to compete under the iconic Cloud9 brand. The first roster Cloud9 has brought on board is the reigning Call of Duty League World Champions – the New York Subliners. This star-studded lineup features some of the biggest names in the CDL, including HyDra, KiSMET, Skyz, and Sib. However, it remains unclear whether this is a straight-up acquisition of the Subliners roster or more of a partnership between Cloud9 and the NYXL organization.

Alongside the CDL squad, Cloud9 has also assembled an elite Warzone team to compete in Activision Blizzard’s battle royale title. Details on the specific players signed are scarce at the moment, but fans can expect Cloud9 to field a formidable roster of Warzone specialists to complement their CDL lineup. This is a hugely significant move for Cloud9, who were once a dominant force in the Call of Duty esports scene. Their return signals their intent to reclaim their place at the top of the mountain. Fans will be eager to see how this new-look Cloud9 roster performs on the big stage, as they look to capture more world championships for the organization. The signing of these two rosters represents Cloud9’s commitment to fielding the best possible talent across multiple Call of Duty titles. It will be fascinating to see how they fare against the other top organizations in the coming seasons.

Cloud9’s Return to Call of Duty Esports

Just hours before the announcement of their CDL roster signing, Cloud9 had already made their return to Call of Duty official by inking a deal with a three-man Warzone squad. This new Warzone team features some big names in the battle royale scene, including Breadman, ForeignJase, and JoeWo. Breadman and JoeWo have been playing together since early 2023, and ForeignJase joined the duo earlier this year. The trio put in an impressive performance at the recent World Series of Warzone North American Finals, finishing in the top 10. Cloud9 will be looking to this new Warzone lineup to help them recapture some of the glory they once enjoyed in the Call of Duty esports scene. The signing of both the CDL and Warzone rosters comes at an interesting time, coinciding with the upcoming Esports World Cup in Saudi Arabia. Both Warzone and the newly-released Modern Warfare 3 will be featured as competitive titles at the event. Interestingly, Cloud9 is one of 30 organizations supported by the EWC Foundation’s Club Program, which provides members with substantial six-figure funding to compete at the highest level.

This lucrative esports tournament has not been without its controversies, however. The decision to host the event in Saudi Arabia has drawn criticism from some due to the country’s poor human rights record. There have also been questions raised about the integrity of the competition, with concerns over the potential for match-fixing and other integrity issues. Nonetheless, the sizeable prize pools and high-profile nature of the event have made it a major draw for top esports organizations like Cloud9. After the EWC, both the “Cloud Niners” CDL roster and the Warzone squad will have their sights set on major championships later in the summer. The CDL team currently sits fourth in the league standings and will be looking to defend their World Championship title at CoD Champs 2024. Meanwhile, the Warzone roster has already qualified for the prestigious World Series of Warzone Global Finals in August. The CDL squad is headlined by some of the biggest names in the game, including HyDra, KiSMET, Skyz, and Sib. This roster was previously competing under the New York Subliners banner, but Cloud9 has now brought them under their organization. It remains unclear whether this is a full acquisition of the Subliners roster or more of a partnership between the two organizations.

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Regardless, Cloud9 fans will be excited to see this star-studded CDL lineup in action. The team has already proven their ability to win at the highest level, and with the backing of the Cloud9 organization, they’ll be aiming to cement their legacy as one of the greatest Call of Duty rosters of all time. The Warzone roster, on the other hand, will be looking to make their mark on the battle royale scene. Breadman, ForeignJase, and JoeWo are all highly respected players within the Warzone community, and they’ll be hoping to translate their individual skills into team success at the World Series of Warzone Finals. This signing represents a significant investment by Cloud9 into the Call of Duty esports ecosystem. The organization clearly believes that there is still a lot of potential for growth and success in the scene, and they’re willing to put their resources behind it. It’s worth noting that Cloud9’s return to Call of Duty comes after a relatively long absence from the scene. The organization was once a major player in the CoD esports space, but they stepped away for around seven years. Their decision to come back now suggests that they see an opportunity to reclaim their former dominance. The timing of their return is also interesting, as the Call of Duty esports landscape has undergone some major changes in recent years. The introduction of the Call of Duty League and the rise of Warzone as a competitive title have shifted the dynamics of the scene. Cloud9 will have to navigate these new realities as they look to reassert their position as a top organization.

One of the key challenges they’ll face is adapting to the different formats and structures of the CDL and Warzone competitions. The CDL, in particular, operates under a city-based franchise model that is quite different from the open tournament circuits that Cloud9 may be more familiar with. Additionally, the talent pool in Call of Duty esports has arguably never been deeper. The game continues to attract some of the best players in the world, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to sign and retain top-tier rosters. Cloud9 will need to work hard to ensure that they can continue to attract and develop the best talent if they want to achieve sustained success. Despite these challenges, there’s no doubt that Cloud9’s return to Call of Duty is a major moment for the esports scene. The organization has a long history of excellence and fan support, and their re-entry into the space is sure to generate a lot of excitement and attention. Ultimately, the success of Cloud9’s Call of Duty initiative will come down to the performance of their two rosters. If the CDL squad can defend their world championship title and the Warzone team can make a deep run at the World Series of Warzone Finals, then the organization will have taken a significant step towards re-establishing themselves as a dominant force in the scene.

Regardless of the specific outcomes, it’s clear that Cloud9’s return to Call of Duty is a sign of the continued growth and evolution of the esports industry. As new opportunities arise and established organizations seek to capitalize on them, we can expect to see more and more major players entering and re-entering the fray. It will be fascinating to see how Cloud9’s foray into the modern Call of Duty landscape plays out. With their resources, branding, and proven track record of success, they certainly have the potential to make a big splash. But they’ll need to navigate the unique challenges of the current esports ecosystem if they want to truly reclaim their throne atop the Call of Duty world.

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