Captain Saadhak, also known as Captain LOUD, is excited about the team’s newfound roles

After a resounding victory over Sentinels on the 27th, Captain Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro of the LOUD team eagerly shared his thoughts in an interview with journalist Pedro Romero. The captain expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance and highlighted the changes in leadership that played a crucial role in their success. He emphasized the introduction of a new second in-game leader (IGL) role for Cauan “cauanzin” Pereira, which brought a fresh dynamic to their strategy and decision-making process. Captain Saadhak praised Cauan’s adaptability and natural leadership skills, acknowledging his valuable contributions to the team’s gameplay. The captain further elaborated on the team’s overall performance, discussing the collaborative efforts, teamwork, and dedication displayed by each member. He expressed his confidence in their ability to maintain this positive momentum and build upon their recent achievements.

Additionally, Captain Saadhak commended the team’s resilience and ability to overcome challenges during the match against Sentinels. He credited their rigorous training, strategic preparation, and effective communication for their remarkable victory. The captain also acknowledged the support of the fans, whose unwavering dedication motivates the team to strive for excellence. Looking ahead, Captain Saadhak expressed his optimism for the future and the team’s aspirations to attain even greater heights. He emphasized the importance of continuous improvement and the relentless pursuit of success. The interview concluded with Captain Saadhak expressing his gratitude to the organization, coaching staff, and his teammates for their unwavering support and commitment to excellence.

Team Restructuring and Saadhak’s Optimism: A Path to Success

According to Saadhak, the redistribution of responsibilities within the team has brought about a significant positive change. He expressed his satisfaction with the new structure, which allows him to actively participate in the game and focus on mid-round strategy. By delegating some of his previous responsibilities to the coaches, he can now fully embrace his role as the in-game leader (IGL) and make crucial calls during critical moments of the game. In his own words, Saadhak stated, “Personally, I feel great. Now I can play the game a bit more and focus on what I like to do most: making mid-round calls and being the IGL. I’ve delegated most of my responsibility to the coaches because they will assist me with this. It was pointless to have a coach and not have them coach the team. It’s been a real journey. We’re getting closer to the goal, learning how the team works, how they like to work because everyone knows what I’m doing. We have to adapt, they have incredible ideas. Their game plan against Sentinels was very reliable, we’re improving every day.” Saadhak’s confidence in the coaching staff is evident as he acknowledges their support and believes in their ability to guide the team effectively. He recognizes the importance of having coaches who actively contribute to the team’s development and help refine their strategies. By entrusting them with a larger role, Saadhak can focus on his strengths and lead the team to success.

Discussing the recent game against Sentinels, Saadhak highlighted the strong game plan that was meticulously crafted by the coaching staff. He praised his teammates for their exceptional work in executing the plan, particularly in the attacking rounds. Saadhak emphasized that being an IGL requires not only strategic thinking but also exceptional shooting skills, a trait he has consistently demonstrated throughout the tournament. The team’s recent victory over G2 secured their third-place position in the “Omega” group, propelling them into the playoff stage of the competition. This achievement marks an important milestone for LOUD, and Saadhak expressed his excitement and determination as they prepare to face 100 Thieves in the upper bracket of the finals on May 9th. The team’s goal is to continue their upward trajectory and secure a place in the later stages of the tournament. Saadhak recognizes the significance of each match and the need for continuous improvement. He values the adaptability of the team and the incredible ideas that each member brings to the table. The collective effort and dedication of the team are evident in their performance, and Saadhak believes they are steadily progressing towards their ultimate objective. Looking ahead, Saadhak remains optimistic and determined to lead LOUD to even greater heights. He understands the importance of maintaining focus, discipline, and effective communication within the team. Saadhak expressed his gratitude to the organization, coaching staff, and his teammates for their unwavering support and commitment to excellence. As the competition unfolds, Saadhak and the rest of the LOUD team are ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. With their newfound roles and a strong support system in place, they are poised to leave a lasting impact in the tournament and make their mark in the world of competitive gaming.

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