BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024: Situation for the fourth gaming day

BetBoom Dacha Dubai has already completed several days of competition, to be precise, four game days have passed. In this short piece, we would like to take you back to the start of the event and tell you what notable events have occurred by the fourth game day.

In Group A, Gaimin Gladiators, LGD Gaming, and Team Liquid have each earned 4 out of 6 points in their first three matches. In the parallel Group B, only Xtreme Gaming has secured 5 points, while Team Spirit obtained one less, totaling 4 points.

As we mentioned in today’s article, Aurora (1 point) and Nouns (1 point) were the weakest teams. Despite the best-of-two format, there have been quite a few interesting results, and not all of them favored the higher-ranked teams.

Group A results

In Group A, BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 and Gaimin Gladiators started with two victories. One came against Team Liquid, and the other occurred in a match against the underdog, Aurora. However, these victories were followed by a completely unexpected and at times illogical defeat to Team Falcons.

In the match against Liquid, everyone was curious to see what had changed since the previous season. Dota 2 fans who followed professional tournaments in 2023 know that Liquid had been consistently beaten by the Gladiators throughout the year, losing to them in key matches at least five times, with four of them being grand finals of major tournaments.

This time around… Well, nothing had changed, and everything remained the same. The Gladiators won the first game in less than 29 minutes and the second one in 32 minutes. Both times, they employed a strategy centered around Vengeful Spirit. Liquid responded with Lion and other heroes that were good at controlling the enemy team and their heroes, but they couldn’t do much against what the Gladiators presented them.

After this defeat, Liquid won two matches against and Falcons, proving that they are still a Tier-1 team but simply don’t know how to defeat their long-standing rival, GG.

LGD Gaming is the only undefeated team in this group, having achieved one victory and two draws by that point.

Group B results

Xtreme Gaming openly dominated this group, utilizing a wide range of strategies. Even the participants themselves are calling them “robots” rather than players. Against BetBoom Team, they played with an Anti-Mage and Naga Siren strategy. Against Azure Ray, they employed Faceless Void and Slark. And against Spirit, they chose Medusa and Luna. It was truly a masterclass in tactics.

The game with Luna was lost, but only because Yatoro excelled in that match, and his performance on Faceless Void is like a foundation. Plus, his team knew exactly what to do to achieve the desired outcome.

There is still much that can happen in this group. The teams still have series of matches remaining, and it will be interesting to see who will make it to the playoffs. Judging by all indications, the teams from Eastern Europe and China are the closest to success.

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