Best KV Broadside Loadout in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone

In the second week of Season 3 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, the JAK Jawbreaker aftermarket part is introduced for the KV Broadside, radically changing the way players use the shotgun. This new attachment enhances the weapon’s performance, providing increased range, improved accuracy, and faster reload times. With the JAK Jawbreaker, the KV Broadside becomes a formidable weapon capable of dominating close-quarters engagements. To maximize the effectiveness of the KV Broadside with the JAK Jawbreaker, it is recommended to complement it with other suitable attachments. Consider equipping a lightweight stock for improved mobility, a larger magazine for sustained firepower, and a suppressor to minimize muzzle flash and stay off the enemy’s radar.

Furthermore, selecting the right perks can greatly enhance your gameplay. Utilize perks like Sleight of Hand for faster reloading, Ghost to remain undetectable by enemy UAVs, and Tracker to track down foes by their footprints. In terms of tactical and lethal equipment, stun grenades can be useful for disorienting enemies in close quarters, while semtex grenades offer reliable explosive power. By carefully selecting attachments, perks, and equipment, players can create a formidable KV Broadside loadout that suits their playstyle and increases their chances of success in both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

Optimal Loadout for the KV Broadside in MW3 and Warzone

First and foremost, we begin by installing the JAK Jawbreaker on the weapon, which transforms the shotgun into a battle rifle capable of effective long-range targeting.

This modification replaces the firing of shotgun pellets with rifle rounds. It’s important to note that this conversion results in a decrease in handling and recoil control.

The following attachments are selected to mitigate the drawbacks highlighted above to ensure that shots land on targets even with sustained fire.

  1. Muzzle: To reduce muzzle rise and improve recoil control, the recommended muzzle attachment is the Monolithic Suppressor. This not only keeps you off the radar but also enhances the overall stability of the weapon.
  2. Barrel: The recommended barrel attachment is the 22″ Rapid Fire barrel. It provides increased bullet velocity and extends the effective range of the KV Broadside, compensating for the inherent limitations of shotguns.
  3. Optic: For better target acquisition and enhanced accuracy, the Corp Combat Holo Sight is the optic of choice. Its clear sight picture and precise reticle allow for quick and precise aiming, especially at longer distances.
  4. Underbarrel: To further improve stability and control, the Ranger Foregrip is the ideal underbarrel attachment. Its vertical grip design reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil, ensuring more accurate follow-up shots.
  5. Ammunition: The 12 Round Mags are highly recommended to maximize firepower. With a larger magazine capacity, you can engage multiple enemies without the need for frequent reloads, maintaining a consistent presence on the battlefield.
  6. Rear Grip: The recommended rear grip attachment is the Stippled Grip Tape. It provides increased aiming stability and faster aim-down-sights (ADS) speed, allowing for quicker target acquisition and improved maneuverability.
  7. Perks: When it comes to perks, a combination of options can enhance your performance. Consider equipping Double Time to increase tactical sprint duration, Ghost to remain hidden from enemy UAVs, and Battle Hardened to reduce the effects of enemy tactical equipment.
  8. Equipment: For tactical equipment, the Flash Grenade can be useful for blinding enemies and gaining a tactical advantage in close-quarters combat. As for lethal equipment, the Frag Grenade provides reliable explosive power to clear out enemy positions.
  9. Playstyle: It’s worth noting that the KV Broadside, even with the JAK Jawbreaker attachment, is still most effective in close to mid-range encounters. It’s recommended to play smart, utilizing cover and flanking maneuvers to engage enemies at the optimal range.

By utilizing this optimized loadout, you can maximize the potential of the KV Broadside in both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. However, it’s important to experiment and adjust the attachments and perks based on your personal playstyle and the specific demands of each situation.

The Optimal Loadout for the KV Broadside: Enhancing Stability, Accuracy, and Aim Speed

Starting off the build is the ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider, which is an excellent muzzle attachment for both vertical and horizontal stability, firing aim stability, and reducing radar ping duration. This muzzle attachment effectively mitigates the recoil and muzzle rise of the weapon, allowing for more controlled and accurate shots. The improved firing aim stability ensures that your aim stays on target even during sustained firefights. Additionally, the reduced radar ping duration helps to minimize your visibility on enemy radar, giving you a tactical advantage. Moving on to the underbarrel attachment, the Bruen Heavy Support Grip further enhances recoil control, ensuring that follow-up shots remain accurate. This grip provides a firm and stable grip on the weapon, reducing both vertical and horizontal recoil. As a result, you can maintain better control over your shots, allowing for effective target engagement at various ranges.

For lasers, the 1MW Quick Fire Laser is used to increase aim-down-sight speed, helping to counterbalance some of the negative effects of the previous attachments. This laser attachment enhances your weapon handling by improving the speed at which you can aim down sights. It allows for quicker target acquisition and helps you stay agile in fast-paced combat situations. Lastly, the popular JAK Glassless Optic provides a slight boost in firing aim stability, completing the weapon build. This optic offers a clear and unobstructed view of your targets, allowing for precise aiming and target tracking. The improved firing aim stability provided by this optic ensures that your shots land on target consistently, even during intense firefights. When combined, these attachments create a well-rounded loadout for the weapon, optimizing stability, accuracy, and aim-down-sight speed. It’s important to note that loadouts can be highly subjective, and it’s recommended to experiment and fine-tune your attachments based on your personal preferences and playstyle. Additionally, consider complementing your loadout with suitable perks, equipment, and tactical strategies to further enhance your effectiveness in the game.

JAK Jawbreaker or ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider?
JAK Jawbreaker
Bruen Heavy Support Grip
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