Beastcoast returns to Dota 2

After three months of preparation, Beastcoast organization makes its return to Dota 2, announcing its new roster. The organization has stayed true to South American Dota 2, as promised, but the new young lineup faces a challenging path ahead before achieving the same level of success as their predecessors.

Return to the joy of the region

Beastcoast are back with the following roster:

  • Yheremi “payk” Paucar Arroyo
  • Luis “Lumpy” Villarreal Yausin
  • Pablo “Vitaly” Angulo
  • Joel “MoOz” Ozambela
  • Anthony “Gardick” López

This very “gang” will be representing Beastcoast in the black and blue colors for the 2024 season. With players ranging from 18 to 26 years old, Beastcoast embodies a blend of experience and youth that is characteristic of the region, and they are gearing up for their debut in just two weeks.

The lineup competed under the name “Bulls” in January 2024, successfully making it through the open qualifiers for BetBoom Dacha Dubai, but ultimately secured fifth place, falling to BOOM Esports. Fans may be familiar with the team’s captain and support player, Gardick, who led the Hokori lineup to the playoffs in The International 2021. Many may also recognize MoOz, who is returning to Beastcoast after previously playing for the organization in 2019 and 2020.

Beastcoast decided not to leave the team

Although the roster has shown some signs of strong gameplay, the main question for most fans revolves around the legacy of the players and their ability to uphold the prestige of the BC tag. They had impressive performances in 2021 and 2022, when the team, led by Héctor “K1” Rodríguez and Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Salazar, achieved their best results in South America (at The International 2022). However, the recent era ended on a sour note with several roster changes, leading to the disbandment of the team after a weak showing at TI12.

During that time, Beastcoast declared that they had no intention of fading away and planned to return to competitive Dota with a South American lineup. Many doubted such a promise, considering it to be unlikely. Nevertheless, they have made a comeback and aim to take advantage of the instability in the South American region, which has undergone several changes during the offseason.

Beastcoast is likely to make their first appearance at Games of the Future 2024 before participating in the closed qualifiers for ESL One Birmingham 2024 SA, where one slot for the first major tournament of EPT 2024 will be contested.

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