Australian University Collaborates with VADR Media to Address Online Chess Cheating

The Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has forged a collaboration with VADR Media, a production and media company, to undertake comprehensive research and develop innovative solutions to tackle the issue of cheating in online chess.

In this exciting partnership, the UTS project team will be granted access to the cutting-edge computing resources offered by Tencent Cloud’s TI Platform. Additionally, UTS will receive invaluable support and guidance from Tencent’s team of AI and Anti-cheat experts. This collaboration is a direct outcome of the successful alliance between Tencent Cloud and VADR Media’s chess and broadcast platform,

AAII aims to develop “advanced algorithms and theoretical frameworks” for AI

The Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII) aims to delve into the realm of advanced algorithms and theoretical foundations for AI, as mentioned in the announcement. Leading the project team are Associate Professor Nabin Sharma, Professor Ling Chen, and Associate Professor Guodong Long. Sharma emphasized the inseparable connection between chess and artificial intelligence, considering chess has long served as a testing ground for AI’s progress., a Web3-powered platform, is a collaborative effort between the Asian Chess Federation and VADR Media. VADR Media specializes in the production and broadcasting of online chess tournaments. Being an active member of the Esports Integrity Commission, ensures its integrity within the esports landscape.

The integration of chess into the esports domain has been a topic of debate since the game gained immense popularity online., an online chess platform, has emerged as a leading organizer of chess tournaments, with a significant portion taking place in the online realm. In the previous year, the total prize pool reached $2 million (~£1.6 million). In anticipation of the Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023, collaborated with Lofi Girl Records, a YouTube channel and music label.

John McRae, Managing Director, VADR Media

“We hold a deep passion for upholding Fair Play and have proactively implemented integrity protocols in collaboration with trusted partners while investing in research and development,” stated John McRae, Managing Director of VADR Media, regarding the partnership.

McRae emphasized the significance of their newly formed alliance with the UTS Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII) and their collaborations with key organizations governing chess and esports. These initiatives highlight their unwavering dedication to enhancing the community experience and propelling speed chess as a prominent esport.

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