Astralis Announces ‘Satisfactory’ Financial Results for 2023

Danish esports company Astralis has recently unveiled its audited financial results for the year 2023. Despite facing significant changes such as delisting from NASDAQ and the sale of its LEC franchise slot, Astralis demonstrated a commendable performance. The company reported a positive EBITDA of DKK 146.7 million (approximately £16.8 million) and a revenue of DKK 72.3 million (approximately £8.3 million). In an official statement, Astralis described the results as “satisfactory,” reflecting their ability to navigate challenges successfully.

The financial report, meticulously reviewed by renowned Danish accounting firm Bdo, revealed a slight decline in revenue compared to the previous year, with 2023’s figure of DKK 72.3 million contrasting the 2022 revenue of DKK 87.5 million. However, Astralis experienced a significant surge in EBITDA profit, soaring from DKK 2.5 million (£300,000) in 2022 to an impressive DKK 146 million (£16.7 million) in 2023. This substantial increase underscores Astralis’ robust financial growth and strategic decision-making. These resilient financial results showcase Astralis’ ability to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving esports industry. Despite the challenges posed by the delisting process and the sale of the LEC franchise slot, Astralis has demonstrated its stability and resilience, positioning itself as a strong contender in the esports market. With these solid financial foundations, Astralis can continue to invest in its future growth, expand its operations, and further cement its position as a leading esports organization.

The company’s profit for the year before tax and divestments amounted to DKK 137m (~£15.7m)

The company Astralis reported a pre-tax profit of DKK 137 million (~£15.7 million) for the fiscal year. In their official statement, Astralis highlighted that their net revenue fell within the anticipated range, while their EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) fell short of expectations, and the pre-tax profit aligned with the projected figures. The notable increase in pre-tax profit and EBITDA can be attributed to Astralis’ strategic decision to sell a majority share of its LEC (League of Legends European Championship) slot to Karmine Corp during the previous year, generating a total transaction value of DKK 129 million (~£14.8 million).

This transaction allowed Astralis to monetize its investment while still retaining a minority share in the Karmine Corp-owned company responsible for managing the LEC slot. However, it should be noted that Astralis is no longer actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the slot. Furthermore, in 2023, Astralis pursued a divestment strategy by relinquishing its position as the majority owner of PIXEL.TV, a company it had acquired in early 2022. According to the financial report, Astralis sold 41% of its ownership share in PIXEL.TV ApS on May 16th, 2023, with the remaining 10% ownership being sold on February 13, 2024. This divestment allowed Astralis to streamline its business focus and allocate resources more efficiently to its core operations. It is worth noting that Astralis, as a company, has been actively adapting its business portfolio to optimize its financial performance and strategic direction. By capitalizing on the sale of the LEC slot and divesting its ownership in PIXEL.TV, Astralis aims to enhance its overall financial position and concentrate on its core competencies in the industry.

The company’s actions reflect a calculated approach to maximizing shareholder value and ensuring sustainable growth in a highly competitive market. Astralis’ financial results for the year demonstrated a significant pre-tax profit, primarily influenced by the sale of its LEC slot and the divestment of its ownership in PIXEL.TV. These strategic moves enable Astralis to focus on its core business operations and position itself for continued success in the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.

The Financial Status of Astralis: Cash Reserves, Assets, and Employee Count

The financial status of Copenhagen-based esports organization Astralis reveals some interesting developments. As of the current year, the company’s cash reserves stand at approximately DKK 7.5 million, which is equivalent to around £860,000. This represents a decrease from the cash reserves of DKK 9.9 million (approximately £1.1 million) recorded in 2022. Meanwhile, the overall value of Astralis’ assets has seen a significant increase, rising from DKK 99 million (around £11.3 million) to DKK 231 million (approximately £26.5 million). However, despite this positive trend in asset value, the average number of employees within the organization has experienced a decline. In 2022, Astralis had an average of 77 employees, whereas in 2023, this number decreased to approximately 60. Astralis has gained considerable recognition as one of the most notable esports organizations in Europe. Its dominance in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) between 2017 and 2019 has solidified its reputation within the gaming community. Notably, Astralis became one of the pioneering esports teams in Europe to venture into the realm of public listing. In 2019, it made its mark by joining the NASDAQ First North Growth Markets, a significant milestone for the company.

However, Astralis made the decision to delist from NASDAQ the previous year, citing a substantial drop in its share price. The company deemed the public listing to be of little value to both itself and its shareholders. By delisting, Astralis estimated that it would save approximately DKK 2 million (around £230,000) in direct costs and an additional DKK 1 million (approximately £110,000) in annual indirect costs. This strategic move aimed to streamline operations and optimize financial resources. Astralis’ annual report for 2023 acknowledged the challenges faced by the organization. Despite these difficulties in the market and the general performance of its teams throughout the year, the report described the overall results as satisfactory. It is worth noting that these positive results were achieved in the wake of the sale of Astralis’ franchise rights in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), indicating the company’s resilience and adaptability in navigating the esports landscape. Astralis’ financial position reveals a mixed picture. While the company experienced a decrease in cash reserves, its overall asset value witnessed a substantial increase. The decision to delist from NASDAQ was driven by a desire to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Despite the challenges faced, Astralis’ report indicates a satisfactory outcome for 2023, highlighting the organization’s ability to overcome obstacles and capitalize on opportunities in the esports industry.

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