Are Mapcore and FACEIT working on maps for CS2?

Mapcore has teamed up with the renowned competitive gaming platform FACEIT to kick off an exciting new mapping contest for the highly-anticipated Counter-Strike 2 title. Dubbed the “Big Adventures” competition, it boasts an impressive $15,000 prize pool, providing a great incentive for the community to flex their creative muscles and develop innovative new maps for the game.

The contest will roll out over three stages throughout the course of a full year, culminating in May 2025. This extended timeline allows participants ample time to conceptualize, design, and refine their submissions. Mapcore and FACEIT are looking to push the boundaries of CS2 map design, encouraging entrants to think outside the box and deliver fresh, unique gameplay experiences. The winning maps will not only earn their creators a share of the lucrative prize money, but will also have the potential to be officially integrated into the final CS2 release. This is a fantastic opportunity for talented map makers to showcase their skills and leave a lasting impact on the future of the iconic Counter-Strike franchise. Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of industry experts, ensuring the most compelling and well-crafted maps rise to the top.

Mapping the Future of Counter-Strike: Mapcore and FACEIT’s “Big Adventures” Contest

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Mapcore and FACEIT have teamed up for a high-profile CS mapping contest. Back in 2019, a similar competition was held, and the map Anubis emerged victorious. To the delight of the community, Anubis later went on to become part of the active map pool – a true testament to the contest’s ability to uncover hidden gems. The 2019 contest was a watershed moment for the CS community, showcasing the incredible talent and creativity that exists within the player base. Mapcore and FACEIT received hundreds of submissions, each map representing the passion and dedication of its creators. When Anubis was ultimately selected as the winner, it sent a clear message – the community has the power to shape the future of Counter-Strike. Anubis’s inclusion in the active map pool was a game-changer. Suddenly, a map that had been born out of a grassroots competition was being played at the highest levels of competitive CS. Pros and casual players alike were exploring its intricate layouts and unique gameplay elements, captivated by the fresh take on the classic Counter-Strike formula. The announcement of this new “Big Adventures” contest has certainly got the CS faithful buzzing with excitement. Especially after the official CS2 account shared a repost about it back in April, fueling speculation that some of the winning entries could very well end up integrated into the final game. What’s particularly interesting is that a set of maps called “Gabe Follower” were spotted being tested on FACEIT’s community hubs just yesterday. These maps were likely submitted as part of the Mapcore contest, showcasing the sheer creative potential that exists within the CS community. If history is any indication, these maps too could have a shot at making it into the official CS2 rotation, just like Anubis did. The “Gabe Follower” maps are an intriguing development, as they seem to be a direct nod to the influential Valve co-founder. This playful reference not only highlights the community’s affinity for the legendary figure, but also speaks to the quirky and imaginative nature of the submissions. It’s a testament to the fact that the CS community is brimming with talented individuals who are willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

As the “Big Adventures” contest unfolds over the next year, the anticipation will only continue to build. Mapcore and FACEIT have promised that the competition will be divided into three distinct stages, allowing participants ample time to refine their creations. This staggered approach not only keeps the community engaged, but also ensures that the final submissions are of the highest caliber. It’s heartening to see Mapcore and FACEIT continuing to provide these kinds of opportunities for the community. Not only does it foster innovation and fresh ideas, but it also holds the promise of truly player-driven content shaping the future of Counter-Strike. With a year-long runway and a healthy prize pool, this “Big Adventures” contest is sure to unearth some real gems that could forever alter the CS2 landscape. The stakes are high, but the potential rewards are equally tantalizing. Aspiring map makers will have the chance to leave an indelible mark on the Counter-Strike franchise, potentially seeing their creations become an integral part of the game’s fabric. The community is already abuzz with speculation and anticipation, eager to see what kinds of mind-bending, genre-defying maps will emerge from this contest. Beyond the immediate impact on CS2, the “Big Adventures” contest also serves as a testament to the enduring vitality of the Counter-Strike community. In an industry that can often feel detached and corporate, this grassroots initiative reminds us that the true lifeblood of the game lies in the passion and dedication of its players. It’s a powerful affirmation that Counter-Strike, at its core, is a game by the community, for the community. As the contest unfolds, we can expect to see a surge of creative energy and collaborative spirit within the CS faithful. Map makers will no doubt be sharing their progress, seeking feedback and inspiration from their peers. The community hubs on FACEIT will likely become hubs of activity, as players test and discuss the emerging maps. It’s a truly exciting time to be a Counter-Strike enthusiast, with the promise of groundbreaking new content on the horizon. Ultimately, the “Big Adventures” contest is a testament to the enduring legacy of Counter-Strike. A game that has captivated millions for over two decades, Counter-Strike has proven time and time again that its appeal is timeless. With the impending release of CS2, the community has a unique opportunity to shape the future of the franchise, to leave an indelible mark on the game they love. And with Mapcore and FACEIT at the helm, guiding and nurturing this creative spark, the possibilities are truly limitless.

What is the most exciting aspect of the Mapcore and FACEIT "Big Adventures" contest for the Counter-Strike community?
The possibility of player-created maps being integrated into CS2
The opportunity for aspiring map makers to leave their mark on the franchise
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