Analysis and prediction of the game between Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan in the finals of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Here we are, finally reaching the evening when all the eyes of Counter-Strike enthusiasts will be fixed on a single match. Natus Vincere will be facing off against FaZe Clan in the final of the first-ever Counter-Strike 2 Major, the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. To make the viewing experience even more exciting, let’s start by conducting a thorough analysis of the match and making our own prediction. The showdown itself will begin on March 31, 2024, at 20:00 CET.

The last time these teams met was a staggering five months ago at the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2023. That tournament marked the first time we didn’t see Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev in Natus Vincere’s lineup. Instead, the team was played by their coach, Andrey “B1ad3” Gorodensky. So, there’s no sense in considering the previous game. However, we can simply state that FaZe Clan emerged victorious over the born winners with a score of 2-1.

JL vs broky

In the lead-up to the highly anticipated final match between Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan at the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, the excitement among Counter-Strike enthusiasts is reaching fever pitch. It’s a momentous occasion that will capture the attention of the entire gaming community, as these two powerhouse teams go head-to-head in a battle for supremacy. Natus Vincere, also known as Na’Vi, have established themselves as one of the most dominant teams in recent years. With a roster comprising exceptional talent, they have consistently delivered stellar performances in tournaments around the world. Led by their star player, s1mple, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest CS:GO players of all time, Na’Vi possess a formidable combination of skill, strategy, and individual brilliance. FaZe Clan, on the other hand, boasts a lineup of seasoned veterans and rising stars. With players like NiKo, broky, and coldzera, FaZe Clan possesses a potent mix of experience, raw talent, and versatility. They have demonstrated their ability to overcome adversity and stage comebacks, making them a force to be reckoned with in any match.

The clash between Na’Vi and FaZe Clan is not just a battle for the championship title; it’s a clash of playing styles and team dynamics. Na’Vi’s aggressive and explosive playstyle often catches opponents off guard, relying on quick and decisive executes to overwhelm their adversaries. Meanwhile, FaZe Clan’s more methodical and calculated approach emphasizes tactical control and strategic positioning, allowing their skilled players to find advantageous engagements. In terms of map pool, both teams have shown proficiency across a wide range of maps. Na’Vi’s dominance on maps like Mirage and Dust2 is complemented by their adaptability on other battlegrounds. FaZe Clan, known for their prowess on maps like Inferno and Overpass, have consistently displayed a strong understanding of map control and rotations. However, it’s worth noting that the outcome of the match will not solely depend on individual skill or map selection. The ability to make split-second decisions, communicate effectively, and maintain composure in high-pressure situations will be pivotal. Captains flamie and NiKo will play a crucial role in guiding their respective teams, making strategic calls, and ensuring optimal teamwork. Beyond the players and strategies, the role of the supportive staff cannot be overlooked.  Coaches, analysts, and support staff work tirelessly behind the scenes, studying opponents, analyzing gameplay, and providing valuable insights to give their teams a competitive edge.

Their contributions are vital in fine-tuning strategies, identifying weaknesses in the opponent’s gameplay, and fostering a cohesive team environment. As the final approaches, spectators and fans eagerly anticipate witnessing some of the most thrilling moments in Counter-Strike history. The deafening cheers, nail-biting rounds, and adrenaline-pumping plays will create an electric atmosphere that showcases the true essence of competitive esports. Ultimately, the outcome of the final match will be decided by a combination of factors – individual performances, teamwork, strategy, and sheer determination. The team that can synchronize their efforts, adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the game, and maintain their mental fortitude will emerge victorious. The PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 final is not just a battle for a trophy; it’s a testament to the passion, dedication, and skill of the players and teams that have devoted countless hours to perfecting their craft. It’s a celebration of the Counter-Strike community, where fans from all corners of the globe unite to witness the pinnacle of competitive gaming. As the countdown continues, the anticipation grows. The clash between Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan promises to be a defining moment in the history of Counter-Strike. So mark your calendars, gather your friends, and get ready to witness an epic showdown that will leave a lasting impact on the world of esports.

Current form

When comparing FaZe Clan to NAVI, it’s evident that FaZe Clan has established themselves as a remarkably stable team. Over their recent matches, they have displayed consistency and resilience, suffering only a single defeat in a BO1 match against Eternal Fire. This impressive track record speaks volumes about their ability to maintain composure and perform at a high level consistently. In contrast, NAVI has experienced some ups and downs throughout the Major tournament.

They have encountered challenges along the way, including losses to teams like Cloud9. However, they have also demonstrated their resilience by bouncing back and securing a spot in the Major finals after defeating formidable opponents such as G2. While their journey may not have been flawless, it is important to note that NAVI has shown the ability to overcome obstacles and adapt their gameplay as the tournament progresses. Despite any setbacks they may have faced, it is reasonable to believe that these experiences will not significantly impact NAVI’s performance. The team has likely developed a strong sense of cohesion and determination as they progressed through the tournament. They have honed their skills, fine-tuned their strategies, and set their sights on the ultimate goal of success in the Major. With such a focused mindset, NAVI is likely to remain undeterred by any past hiccups and maintain their competitive spirit. It is crucial to remember that in the world of competitive esports, teams often face challenges and unexpected outcomes. It is the ability to adapt, learn from mistakes, and maintain a strong mental fortitude that separates the great teams from the rest. NAVI’s journey in the Major has showcased their resilience and their unwavering commitment to their objectives. As the final stages of the tournament unfold, it will be captivating to witness the clash between these two formidable teams.

FaZe Clan’s stability and consistent performance will be pitted against NAVI’s resilience and ability to overcome adversity. The outcome of this match will not only be determined by past results or moments of vulnerability but by the collective efforts, determination, and strategic brilliance displayed by each team on the day of the final. In the world of competitive gaming, it is the unpredictability and the never-ending pursuit of excellence that captivates fans and keeps them on the edge of their seats. As FaZe Clan and NAVI prepare to face off, the anticipation and excitement continue to build. Only time will tell which team will emerge victorious and etch their name in the annals of esports history.


Undoubtedly, the contrasting map pools between NAVI and FaZe Clan introduce an intriguing dynamic to their upcoming match. This discrepancy raises concerns for NAVI, as their map pool appears to be relatively limited in comparison to FaZe Clan’s versatility. The decision to consistently avoid Vertigo puts NAVI at a disadvantage, allowing FaZe Clan to capitalize on this gap in their map knowledge and potentially exploit it to their advantage. When it comes to map preferences, FaZe Clan is likely to opt for either Inferno or Nuke as their preferred picks. These maps perfectly align with their strategic approach and provide a solid foundation for their gameplay. On the other hand, NAVI might be compelled to respond with a map like Anubis or Mirage, aiming to leverage their own strengths and tactics to level the playing field. However, it is worth noting that the map veto process remains a critical juncture, as it can significantly impact the outcome of the match. The decision-making during the veto phase requires careful consideration and strategic planning from both teams. It becomes a delicate balance of choosing maps that favor their own playstyles while trying to restrict the opponent’s strengths.

While the map pool discrepancy raises concerns for NAVI, it is important to remember that a match’s outcome is not solely determined by the maps themselves. The teams’ individual skill, teamwork, adaptability, and mental fortitude play crucial roles. Even if NAVI finds themselves on unfamiliar or challenging maps, their players have proven time and again their ability to rise to the occasion and deliver exceptional performances. In the world of competitive Counter-Strike, unexpected outcomes and upsets are not uncommon. The true essence of the game lies in the ability of teams to adapt, strategize, and overcome obstacles. NAVI’s journey in the tournament has showcased their resilience and determination. They have faced formidable opponents, navigated through tense situations, and emerged as a force to be reckoned with. As the match approaches, fans and spectators can anticipate a clash of strategies, skill, and mental prowess. It will be a battle where the teams will need to demonstrate their adaptability, make swift decisions, and capitalize on opportunities. The outcome of the match will depend on a combination of factors, including map selection, individual performances, teamwork, and the ability to stay composed under pressure. In the end, it is the passion, determination, and unpredictability of competitive gaming that make it so captivating. The NAVI versus FaZe Clan match is poised to be a thrilling spectacle, where the limits of skill and strategy will be pushed to their boundaries. As fans eagerly await the showdown, they can rest assured that they will be treated to an enthralling display of Counter-Strike prowess.


As an ardent NAVI fan, it truly hurts me to say this, but it seems inevitable. The recent Majors have brought disappointment for the NAVI players. In the Paris Major 2023, iM suffered a crushing 0-2 defeat against Team Vitality in the finals. Aleksib fell short in the 2019 finals, and b1t faced defeat against FaZe Clan at the PGL Major Antwerp 2022. However, despite these setbacks, I remain optimistic that NAVI will be able to secure at least one map against the formidable FaZe Clan.

The current form of NAVI is nothing short of exceptional, and they have shown themselves to be true forces to be reckoned with. It is worth noting that the outcome of the match will largely hinge on the performances of the snipers, as they will play a pivotal role in shaping the strategies and gameplay of both teams. Therefore, while my prediction leans towards a 2-1 victory for FaZe Clan, deep down, I can’t help but hope for a 2-0 triumph in favor of NAVI, which would mark a historic second championship title for the organization. The PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is set to take place from March 17 to 31 in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, Denmark. The tournament boasts a substantial prize pool of $1.25 million, attracting top-tier teams from around the globe to compete for glory and recognition.

What result do you expect from the match between NAVI and FaZe Clan?
FaZe Clan wins with a score of 2:1.
NAVI’s victory with a score of 2:0 and the second champion title in the history of the organization.
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