Uzi: “I don’t think there’s any team in the LCK that could defeat Griffin, they are just too strong.”

Royal Never Give Up are back, and FunPlus Phoenix’s win streak is over. The team that ruled 2018 right up to Worlds is once again showing signs of the top form that put them on the top of last year and are nearing the top 3 of the LPL table.

After RNG broke FPX’s undefeated record, they sat down with members of the media to discuss the match and the upcoming 9.4 Patch, arriving to the LPL this Friday.

To Uzi: What was the reason behind the Vayne/Morgana bot comp pick in game 2? You’ve been practicing Ezreal a lot recently but it didn’t work out well, what do you make of this champion in patch 9.4?

I’ve played Vayne many times in ranked and to me she’s pretty strong, so I decided to play her in game 2 and she did contribute a lot to the team. I’m pretty comfortable playing Ezreal but I don’t know why the results haven’t been that good.

To AmazingJ: You pulled out a pretty amazing performance with couple of decisive initiations on Poppy in game 2, how would you rate your performance today? Also patch 9.4 will be launched for competitive matches on Mar. 8, will you pick some champions that you wanted to play but didn’t have the chance to?

Among the three games I played today, I’d give my performance a passing score as it was really mediocre. And I think there are many champions I could play, for example my signature champion, Jax.

To Ming: FPX were undefeated until today, they even beat IG in their last series. Did the thought “we have to end their win streak” ever come to your mind?

I didn’t feel that way, but seeing them winning all the time makes me really want to bring my A game to defeat them.

To Coach Greentea: What impacts do you think today’s victory against FPX will bring to the team?

I feel it will give our team more confidence.

I feel 9.4 is going to be a good patch for us.

To Xiaohu: Dionb picked Sion in game 3, what are your thoughts on this champion?

I have thought about that he might play Sion in today’s match as Sion is still a playable mid lane champion. Also comparing to other mage champions, Sion is able to push lane more comfortably because he can choose Teleport as his summoner spell . His ultimate also allows him to rotate to side lanes promptly after he reaches 6.

To Coach Dandy: LPL will be playing under patch 9.4 starting Mar. 8, will this patch change the meta in the LPL drastically? Could you tell us briefly your understanding of what impact will patch 9.4 bring to the game in terms of draft?

In patch 9.4, we’ll be seeing more champions that have not been played in bottom lane before. And with the Conqueror rune buff, a lot of other champions can be played too. I feel it’s going to be a good patch for us.

To Ming: In patch 9.4, the bottom lane will be totally different from what it is now. SMLZ mentioned yesterday that 9.4 will be his time to shine ? What do you think?

I think the new patch is alright. If it’s going to be a patch of ADCs, then Uzi is also going to shine.

To Uzi: Since your team has ended FPX’s win streak, Griffin now become the only undefeated team among 5 major regions. What do you make of their performance so far?

To be honest, I feel Griffin is an incredibly strong team and I don’t think there is any team in the LCK that could defeat them, they are just too strong.

To Karsa: Before this series, you mentioned that the performance of mid and jungle would be a deciding factor for today’s result. What do you think of your synergy with Xiaohu today?

Since we made a few misplays during the laning phase, I feel that we can give ourselves an 8 or 9 out of 10 in terms of laning phase. But we failed to snowball our lead in the mid game, so it’s an F for the mid game performance.

To AmazingJ: You did a great job while playing around the second infernal drake in game 2. Did you get any credit from your team? What were you saying to each other at that time .

We saw Doinb mispositioned himself and punished them for that. Xiaohu was already telling us to look out and catch their misplay. My teammates didn’t really say anything about my play, it was just me praising myself.

Whether I am satisfied doesn’t mean anything, what really matters is whether the team could play better.

To AmazingJ: You pulled out an amazing performance on Poppy today and the timing your ultimate was really on point! What do you think of your performance and what was it like laning against Gimgoon?

I played well in game 2 but I wouldn’t say the same for game 1 or game 3. Gimgoon is really strong in laning and would never give up any opportunities to land a hit on me.

To Coach Kezman: Are you satisfied with the team’s performance today considering they just shut down FPX’s win streak? Is there anything that your team need to improve?

Whether I am satisfied doesn’t mean anything, what really matters is whether the team could play better. We still need to work on our in-game communication.

To Uzi: Patch 9.4 are introducing a series of changes on crit items like Infinity Edge and many people feel it’s going to be a huge buff to ADCs. What do you make of it?

I’ve already played in patch 9.4 and I feel that even in 9.4 ADCs are still in a position where whenever you get hit by a control spell, you are dead. As such, they still need protection from the the team.

To Coach Dandy: RNG’s recent performance is truly second to none in the LPL. What do you think is the key factor for today’s victory?

After losing game 1, we had a discussion and made some adjustments. Then we just won the next two games.