How to download Valorant on PC

How can you download Valorant on PC? 

First of all, just search up Riot games on Google. Click on Valorant game and start downloading. It is absolutely free and straightforward! 

The main condition is to have an account at Riot Games. If you don’t have the account yet, register on the official Riot website, where you also can download the game. Look through the instructions below. 

Registration on Riot Valorant website 

Follow the link 

Next, create your Riot ID following the instructions below. 

  1. Click on the “Play” button.  
  1. If you already have an account, click on the second “Login” button, then enter your login and password. 
  1. If you do not have an account, you still can download Valorant, however you won’t be able to play in the future. Click on the first “Create” button and enter the required data. You will need an email in order to create a Valorant account. Fill in your date of birth, set a username, create a strong password, consisting of at least 8 characters, 1 letter and number. Make sure you have all of those. 
  1. After registration, you will see a button for downloading the latest version of the game. Click on the “Download” button, then the system will ask you to verify your date of birth. After downloading the game on your PC, you will need to sign in entering your username and password.  

Downloading Valorant from Riot 

Go to to download Valorant. 

The game installation will begin after downloading. Do not forget to read the Valorant system requirements. Valorant, like all the game programs on Windows, is set on the C Drive. To install Valorant on another drive, click on the “Install Valorant.exe” link in your download history, and on the pop-up window click on the “Advanced options” button to specify the exact installation location. 

During the installation process the Vanguard anti-cheat will also be installed. Windows 10 is the best for the game installation compared to Windows 7 and 11. There might be an error when installing the anti-cheat with the notification “Failed to install the necessary dependencies”.