Season 8 week 8 challenges – cheat cards and walkthrough

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Multi-step quest: Examine the board with the treasure map and the marker from the map

In this group of tasks, we need to find a treasure map, activate it and look for a “treasure” (star) at a specified point.

Examine the treasure map board in Lush Palms

The treasure map in Lush Palms looks a lot like a bulletin board! You can activate and see the desired point for passing the current and next test by pressing the interaction button “E”.

Map with exact location:

What does a treasure map look like:

Find the location marked on the board from the treasure map in Lush Palms

Everything is elementary! We follow the point that was displayed on the treasure map in the previous challenge. We need to pick up a star, as in all similar tasks.

The map leads us to the Arctic Airfield, to the end (beginning) of the runway:

Use vending machines in different matches

Vending machines now give loot without paying (resources)! It is enough to find a machine gun, press the interaction button “E” and enjoy the weapon. In total, you should get 3 weapons, i.e. use the machine gun 3 times.

Attention! The machine gun can only be used once, so if you are in a company, then click on the machine gun at the same time – this way it will give out weapons to all those who clicked.

Fortnite vending machine map:

Week 8 Season 8 Challenges - cheat cards and walkthrough

Deal damage to enemies while holding at least one orb

Well, the task! It remains only to hope that the enemy you have chosen to eliminate will not wag and you will fall into it … In fact, this task is not difficult to complete – go to modes with limited time and try to shoot players in open positions.

Look for puzzle pieces under bridges and in caves

Puzzle pieces are puzzles found in caves and under bridges. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a map with these “pieces”:

Multi-step task: Dial the number of “DarrBurger” and “PizzaPit”

Did you really think that the phones added in the recent update would be idle? That’s what we thought…

To dial a number, you need to hit the desired numbers with a pickaxe.

Dial “DarrBurger” on the big phone west of the Killing Fields

The numbers required for the call are indicated both on the phone in the location and on our map. At first, phones will probably be popular, so allocate a separate game for this task (there will probably be a fight for the phone) or get together in LTM modes with a respawn.

Season 8 Week 8 Challenges - Cheats and Walkthrough

Dial PizzaPit on the big phone east of The Block

Don’t get tangled in vines while looking for your phone!

Kill enemies in Treacherous Funnel or Chinatown

You already know our advice – go to the Team Rumble and wait for the circle in these locations – it will definitely appear … Someday … And one more thing – you need to kill 7 people! Therefore, stock up on explosives, the path to completing this task will be difficult.

Kill an enemy from at least 50m away

You don’t have to worry, because you can kill from 50 meters with both a rifle and a machine gun. Here are the weapons that will help you complete this task:


Here is the loading screen with a supposed hint:

Download Week 7 800x400 - Week 8 Season 8 Challenges - Cheats & Walkthrough

Location of the flag for week 8 of season 8: