Fortnite Week 2 Season 8 – Cheat Cards and Challenges


So the second week of the eighth season has come, which brought us its tasks and rewards. Unexpectedly for everyone, now the challenges are released not at 5 PM, but at 5:30 PM. Alas, there is nothing sudden and mysterious (even buried treasures were dispensed with), but it should be fun.

Land in certain areas

You just need to consistently land in each of the areas of the fortnite map

  1. Land on the Playground
  2. Land in the Treacherous Vortex
  3. Land on Polar Peak
  4. Land on Rich Shore
  5. Land in Lush Palms

Deal damage to falling supply drops

To pass this test, we recommend going to the “Team Rumble” mode. In the late stage of this mode, supplies with supplies begin to fall from the sky. While they are flying, you can shoot them to make them fall faster. So, you need to shoot them in order to pass this test. In the meantime, you are waiting for the late stage of the match, you can complete other tasks for 2 weeks.

In total, you need to deal 200 damage.

Eliminate opponents at the Spitting Springs or Gloomy Hills

In one of the designated areas, you need to kill 3 enemies. The easiest way to complete this task is in the “Team Rumble” mode. We recommend re-entering this mode until the circle is above one of the specified areas or at least on the dividing line.

Restore your health in many ways

Multi-stage challenge with health regeneration. In general, nothing complicated, but we will remind you that you can always build a ladder with 4 elements and fall from it. Then you will receive damage and be able to restore lost health.

Stage 1: Restore health with apples

Apples can be found in all central regions. We recommend landing at the Killing Fields, Spit Springs, and the Trade Point.

Apples look like this:

Stage 2: Restore health at the campfire

Land at any of the fires marked on the map. Damage yourself and approach the fire. The bonfire restores exactly 50 Hp, which is required to pass the test.

(map enlarges by clicking)

Stage 3: Restore health with first aid kits

To complete the quest for 1 use of the first aid kit – just use the first aid kit when you have less than 25 HP.

Visit the most northern, southern, eastern and western points of the island

Have you noticed that on the map there are signs with the designation of the most extreme points. Now you not only know about it, but you can visit each of these points. And the map that our editor made so diligently will help you.

Deal damage to enemies with cannon fire

Most likely, this task will be the most difficult. Use the fortnite cannon location map and deal damage with the found cannon. Use the “Team Rumble” mode and wait for the final stage, for a large crowd of people.

Search chests in different named districts in a single match

Everything is simple. You need to visit 3 districts in one match and open at least 1 chest in each. Select the team brawl mode and immediately jump out and land in the nearest area. As soon as you find the chest, die by falling from a height or from a grenade and fly to another area.

Flag 2 weeks 8 season

Loading screen 2 weeks:

Flag location:

The flag is located at the throne, right in the mouth of the volcano.