Fnatic has made a roster change



Malaysian organization Fnatic has expelled Pio ‘MP’ Noah from the team. Information about this appeared in the official twitter account.

Fnatic TI 2019


  1. Jabzdota
  2. abedyusop
  3. iceiceicedota
  4. DjardelJicko
  5. DubuDota Mental

Protector will be leaving the active playing roster. DuBu moves from a coaching role to support and Jabz returns to a core role.

June 28, 2019

According to representatives of the organization, th Anucha ‘ Jabz’  Jiravong, who previously played in the fifth position, will take the place of the carry. On the “five” will play the former coach of the team – kr Du Yong  ‘DuBu’  Kim. The organization’s statement also noted that the eliminated kr Pio ‘ MP ‘ Noah will receive his full share of the TI9 prize money .

Fnatic roster  for The International 2019:

  1. th Anucha ‘ Jabz’  Jiravong
  2. ph Eibed ‘ Abed’  Azel Yusop
  3. sg Daryl ‘ iceiceice’  Koh Pei Xiang
  4. ph Jardel ‘ DJ’  Jiko Mampusti
  5. kr Duyoung  ‘DuBu’  Kim

Recall that the team has already  qualified  for The International 2019 , and even if Fnatic is replaced , it will remain in the top 12 Dota Pro Circuit .