New patch for MW3 and Warzone

Developers of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone have released a new update in response to accusations regarding the disabled RICOCHET anti-cheat system. The update includes weapon rebalancing and introduces certain restrictions in the Ranked mode. On February 14th, Treyarch presented their strategy to address the “tapping” issue in Ranked Games, where Call of Duty players would have their teammates finish off knocked-down enemies to earn additional skill rating points for assistance. However, this plan received a lot of criticism.

Two days later, Raven Software took action and nerfed the TAQ Evolvere, as LMGs had temporarily gained an advantage in both close-quarters and long-range combat in the battle royale mode. These weapon balance changes only scratched the surface of the problem, and the February 21st update introduced additional adjustments and officially implemented a permanent fix for this unfairness in the skill rating system.

Was the RICOCHET anti-cheat disabled on the servers?

The team of Call of Duty developers has taken action in response to accusations from the gaming community regarding the disabled RICOCHET anti-cheat system. In their statement, they clarified that only one telemetry system was temporarily turned off and emphasized that this did not impede their ability to identify and ban cheaters. They addressed concerns raised by some players who claimed an increase in the number of cheaters during that period.

The developers stated, “The RICOCHET team was fully operational and successfully detected and banned over 6,000 accounts for cheating and other unauthorized software from February 16th to 20th.” They reassured the community that their commitment to maintaining a fair and balanced gameplay experience remains unwavering.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy gaming environment, the developers acknowledged that cheating undermines the integrity of the game and negatively impacts the experience for all players. They reiterated their ongoing efforts to combat cheating, employing a combination of automated systems, player reports, and manual investigations to identify and punish offenders.

Furthermore, the developers expressed gratitude to the community for their vigilance in reporting suspicious activities and providing valuable feedback. They urged players to continue reporting suspected cheaters through the official channels to aid in their continuous efforts to improve the overall gameplay quality.

In addition to addressing the anti-cheat concerns, the developers also introduced weapon rebalancing measures to ensure a more equitable and enjoyable gameplay experience. By fine-tuning the performance and characteristics of certain weapons, they aimed to create a more diverse and balanced meta, where no single weapon dominates the battlefield.

The latest update, released on February 21st, included these weapon balance adjustments and implemented a permanent fix for the skill rating discrepancy issue that arose from the “tapping” practice in Ranked Games. This fix aimed to eliminate the unfair advantage some players gained by having their teammates finish off knocked-down enemies to boost their skill rating.

In conclusion, the Call of Duty development team remains committed to upholding the integrity of the game and providing a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Their proactive approach to addressing cheating, implementing weapon balance changes, and listening to community feedback demonstrates their dedication to continuously improving the game and fostering a positive gaming environment.


Weapon changes in MW3

The latest update for MW3, released on February 21st, aims to rectify the imbalance between various assault rifles and the MTZ-556 by implementing some significant changes to the gameplay mechanics. One of the key adjustments focuses on reducing the recoil and muzzle climb of the weapons, making them more controllable and accurate for players. Additionally, the update increases the damage output of these firearms at close and medium ranges, providing a more lethal and satisfying experience for those wielding them.

In order to achieve a more balanced gameplay environment, specific modifications have been made to certain weapon kits. For instance, the Haymaker JAK Maglift Kit now boasts a 20% reduction in aim spread, ensuring better precision when aiming down sights. However, to maintain equilibrium, the damage output of this kit has been reduced from eight to five, encouraging players to carefully consider their weapon loadout choices.

Furthermore, the Haymaker JAK Beholder Rifle Kit underwent a significant alteration. This particular kit now experiences a 50% decrease in bullet velocity, resulting in slower projectiles. This adjustment was implemented in response to an overwhelming number of players utilizing the Lonbow in MW3, primarily due to the advantages provided by the JAK Tyrant 762 Kit. Although the JAK Beholder Rifle Kit offers its own unique advantages, such as increased magazine capacity, the reduction in bullet velocity aims to level the playing field and promote diverse weapon selection among players.

Overall, the February 21st update in MW3 not only addresses the weapon balance concerns but also aims to enhance the overall gameplay experience. By fine-tuning the performance of various weapons and kits, the developers strive to create a more engaging and fair environment for players to enjoy. It is worth noting that these changes are part of an ongoing effort to refine the gameplay mechanics and maintain a healthy competitive landscape within the game.

Changes to Warzone

In line with the updates introduced in MW3, the MTZ 556 in Warzone has undergone notable enhancements in February. These changes have resulted in reduced weapon recoil, allowing players to maintain better control and accuracy during engagements. Additionally, both the maximum and minimum damage of the MTZ 556 have been increased, making it a more formidable choice on the battlefield.

Furthermore, several other weapons and kits have seen similar adjustments in Warzone. The Longbow, known for its long-range precision, has been fine-tuned to deliver optimal performance, ensuring that players can effectively engage targets at extended distances. Similarly, the JHAK Beholder Rifle Kit and Haymaker have undergone modifications to enhance their overall effectiveness and balance within the game.

These updates in Warzone aim to create a more engaging and balanced experience for players, allowing for a diverse range of viable weapon choices and strategic approaches. By addressing various aspects such as recoil, damage output, and overall performance, the developers aim to ensure that each weapon feels distinct and provides a satisfying gameplay experience to players across different playstyles.

It’s important to note that these adjustments are part of the ongoing efforts by the developers to refine and improve the gameplay experience in Warzone, creating a dynamic and competitive environment for players to enjoy.

Bug fixes in MW3

The long-awaited February 21st update has brought significant improvements to MW3, addressing several persistent issues that have been plaguing the game. One of the most notable fixes is the resolution of a frustrating bug that allowed players to capture the third Hardpoint hill on Sub Base from an incorrect and unintended location. This bug caused confusion and disrupted the flow of gameplay, but players can now enjoy a more balanced and fair experience on this map.

In addition to the map-specific issue, the update also tackled a critical problem in ranked play. Previously, guided missiles would inexplicably explode in mid-air if the player controlling the missile was eliminated. This issue created an unfair disadvantage for players and hindered strategic gameplay. With the update, this problem has been rectified, ensuring that guided missiles behave as intended and providing a more consistent and rewarding ranked play experience.

Furthermore, MW3 enthusiasts will be relieved to know that a perplexing bug preventing the unlocking of the JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit has been resolved. This kit offers unique advantages and customization options for players, and the bug was a source of frustration for those seeking to fully explore the game’s arsenal. Now, players can unlock and utilize the JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit without any hindrance, expanding their tactical options and enhancing their gameplay possibilities.

The developers’ prompt response to these issues demonstrates their commitment to maintaining the integrity of MW3 and ensuring that players can enjoy a smooth and immersive gaming experience. With the February 21st update, the game has taken significant strides towards delivering a more polished and refined gameplay environment.

As always, the development team appreciates the community’s continued support and engagement. They encourage players to provide feedback and report any further issues they encounter, as it allows them to address concerns promptly and further improve the MW3 experience for all players.

What has changed in the ranked game Warzone?

The latest update brings notable changes to the Fortune’s Keep map, introducing a reduction in the number of drones available. Instead of the previous eight, players will now encounter only five drones while navigating the battlefield. This adjustment adds an extra layer of complexity to strategic rotations and forces players to adapt their gameplay tactics accordingly. With fewer drones to rely on, maintaining situational awareness and making informed decisions will be crucial for success on Fortune’s Keep.

Furthermore, players will notice a decrease in the availability of Counter-UAVs in the ground loot. These valuable tools for disrupting enemy radar and communications will be less abundant, requiring players to be more strategic in their usage and prioritize their acquisition. This change aims to balance the availability of Counter-UAVs and promote a more diverse and dynamic gameplay experience.

Additionally, the use of mosquito drones has been prohibited. These small and agile drones, known for their ability to gather intelligence and provide tactical advantages, will no longer be present on the battlefield. By removing mosquito drones from play, the developers aim to create a more balanced and fair environment for all players, ensuring that matches are determined by skill and strategy rather than overwhelming technological advantages.

In response to the “taps” issue, a specific adjustment has been made in Resurgence mode. Going forward, players will only receive credit for a kill or assist if they have inflicted damage on the eliminated player before they were downed. This change prevents players from receiving credit for kills or assists without actively participating in the engagement. Instead, players who haven’t dealt damage to the eliminated opponent shortly before their downfall will receive a bonus categorized as a “SR Team Kill” when their teammates successfully down and eliminate the enemy. This adjustment promotes fair gameplay and encourages active involvement in engagements to earn kills and assists.

These updates reflect the developers’ commitment to ensuring a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. By addressing various aspects of gameplay, such as drone availability, Counter-UAV distribution, and kill/assist attribution, the developers aim to create a more engaging and competitive environment in which skill and strategy are paramount.

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