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Kaka joins Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming are entering the new competitive season with revamped rosters for both of their squads, iG and iG.Vitality. On the

Kuku and Raven reunite under the Geek Fam banner

After Carlo ‘Kuku’ Palad was confirmed to have left TNC Predator, there have been multiple rumours about where the brilliant Southeast

Valve takes a huge step towards preventing smurfing and boosting accounts in Dota 2

A new Ranked season was announced on September 17 by the Dota 2 developer and with the matchmaking rating (MMR)

Team Sirius return with a new lineup

With the first Minor and Major qualifiers of the new Dota 2 Pro Circuit season quickly approaching, many teams have begun

TNC Predator are the second team to be invited to ESL One Hamburg

TNC Predator will be traveling to Hamburg in October with their new Dota 2 roster to compete in ESL One

Resolut1on to stay with J.Storm

J.Storm tinkered with their roster just ahead of the TI9 regional qualifiers when they benched Jonathan "bryle" Santos De Guia

Tavo joins Duster at Furia Esports

More known to the CS:GO fans, the Brazilian organization Furia Esports stepped foot into the Dota 2 field ahead of

Singularity rebuild their roster around Excalibur

A new competitive season always comes with new hopes for the tier two competitive scene. Team Singularity fought through the

Ramzes and Abed leave their home regions to join Evil Geniuses

The post TI9 shuffle is in full swing and the bigger organizations started to announce their final moves. After

ONE Esports confirms more epic Dota 2 teams for their Singapore event

Singapore is in for a massive tournament later this year with two more huge teams confirmed for the ONE Esports Dota

Gambit Esports rebuild around fng

In just a few hours, the GG.Bet Hamburg Invitational will kick off and after a massive team-rebuilding, Gambit Esports have announced their