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Royal Never Give Up, one of the most prestigious Chinese League of Legends organizations seek to make their mark in the Dota 2 world with Khoo “Ohaiyo” Chong Xin.

The rumor that Royal Never Give Up were planning to enter the Dota 2 scene has already been confirmed on the Chinese websites and the social media platform Weibo but their full roster was not announced yet. We’ve learnt from close sources to RNG and some of the Chinese Dota players that Ohaiyo will be on the team and that also rumored to join the RNG Dota 2 squad are Yao “Yao” Zhengzheng, who was just recently benched by LGD Gaming, and Yang “GazEod/END” Pu, currently playing for Invictus Gaming.

Regarded as one of the most powerful Chinese organizations in the LOL scene, RNG dominated the LPL Summer, Spring and Regular seasons through 2016 and 2017 and placed 3rd-4th at the 2017 Worlds Championship. At the end of 2017 RNG were declared Best Team of the Year at the Chinese Yearly Awards. Them stepping into the Dota 2 world, during the last Shuffle window before The International 2018, has a good chance to shake the Chinese scene.

More shuffle rumors and whispers from behind China’s Great Wall

Like Phantom Lancer who’s back in the meta, so is Agressif

Two days ago, Zhang “xiao8” Ning once again unintentionally leaked via his stream some juicy information on the Chinese teams shuffle. While xiao8 was waiting in a game lobby for a scrim with Invictus Gaming, the viewers were able to see a possible new IG roster which includes Sun “Agressif” Zheng. According to what was said on the stream, it should have been a bo3 match-up, but all the IG squad disconnected and never came back after they lost game one in 23 minutes.

xiao8 has already confirmed two days ago that GazEod left IG, which supports today’s RNG possible roster rumor.

Op’s trial with LFY might end after the terrible results in the ESL One Genting group stage

Just before departing for ESL One Genting, LFY and IG made an agreement to exchange their mid laners for a try-out period. So, Ou “Op” Peng went with LFY in Genting this week, but the team placed last in their group. While neither LFY nor IG released any official statements yet regarding their plans moving forward, it’s fair to assume that Op will not be transferred.

At the same time, in the Chinese Dota 2 community rumor has it that Keen Gaming intend to sell their carry player Jin “zhizhizhi”‘ Zhiyi and Zhai ““‘ Jingkai, the mid-laner. In the current context, zhizhizhi is not fitting in any of the teams we’ve mentioned as RNG theoretically have a carry in GazEod, LFY have their carry as well, while IG might sign Agressif. But Zhai ““‘ Jingkai could fit in all these teams.  

The pre-TI8 final shuffle will officially close on the 5th of February. Any roster changes made after that will incur penalties in Dota Pro Circuit points earned. The clock is ticking, and in ten days from now we will find out if any of these rumors have a base in reality.

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