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FunPlus Phoenix are the 2019 League of Legends World Champion — a repeat Worlds title for the LPL. FPX ran through G2 Esports 3-0, crushing Europe’s dreams for their first world championship and kept the trophy in the East.

After the finals, jungler Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang and support Liu “Crisp” Qing-Song sat down with members of the Chinese press for a post-win interview. Below is full transcription of that interview.

* * *

Welcome! Tian, You wanted to be the No.1 Jungle in the world and you did it today. How do you feel now that you got the finals MVP?

The whole month here has been like a dream. I’ve never thought we could win the championship or even get the finals MVP, it’s wonderful.

I’d like to ask Crisp this question: after winning game 3, all your other teammates were celebrating and you just sat there calmly. What was going on in your mind?

Crisp: I was like “So, we won”. Never have I ever thought about winning Worlds, never have I ever thought this series today could be that smooth. I was simply in shock and didn’t know how to react.

You guys said that you want to hear the audience chanting “FunPlus Phoenix”. How did you feel when you really heard it?

Crisp: It’s awesome. I will make them chant it next time as well.

You played Lee Sin really well. Why do you think G2 refuse to ban it?

Since I play Qiyana too well, they wanted to ban her first. There don’t seem to be many options.

If both of you get to choose your own MVP in this Bo5, who would you choose?

Crisp: I’d choose myself.

Tian: I’d choose Lwx, because he didn’t die a single time in all three games. It’s like a miracle.

GimGoon also didn’t die even once I think.

Tian: I didn’t pay much attention to him but Lwx’s performance was really impressive, he played really well.

Throughout the whole Worlds run, Fun Plus Phoenix looked so coordinated and organized in making and executing your game plan. Can you share with us your preparation and efforts for Worlds?

Crisp: Everyone was very focused and we were always reflecting on the mistakes we made so to avoid them from happening again. Everyone was really devoted to it.

Tian: I think during Worlds, we just stuck to our own style and played our game to the fullest. That’s something other teams are not used to, which gave us some edge.

What World Championship skins would you two choose?

Crisp: I have many ideas but don’t know what to choose. It would be better if I could choose more than one champion.

Tian: I was gonna choose Elise at the beginning but my Qiyana was quite good at the semifinals, so I thought about her until I changed my mind again because I played LeeSin for all 3 games in finals. So, I would choose Lee Sin.

Last question, who do you want to thank? Any words to your fans?

Crisp: I want to thank our coach Warhorse for “scolding” us every day. And to the fans: I appreciate for your support all the way. No matter how we played, you were always supporting us.

Tian: Thanks to all my team members for always working so hard.

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