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G2 Esports will aim to win their first League of Legends world championship on Sunday, which would also make them the first western team to win the Summoner’s Cup. And for many pundits, the hoisting of the trophy is just a matter of time, given G2’s semifinal run.

Last weekend, the LEC champions met SK Telecom T1 in one of the most tense, nail-biting series of Worlds 2019. Led by a Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok in his new prime, SKT were considered early favorites for the title, with perhaps only G2 on their level.

The series had monumental teamfights and will come down in history as featuring several insane comebacks from the Europeans. But how did this five-man squad orchestrate it all? How did they work together to survive the most winning franchise in League of Legends history?

The good news is, there’s a video that shows you all this. This 10-minute-long footage guides you through the four-game semifinal, full of jokes, banter, and close calls, all coming together for a historical victory for Europe.

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