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While G2 Esports might’ve trumped SK Telecom T1 in an impressive series to advance to the 2019 League of Legends World Championship finals, it wasn’t clean games through and through. Greedy mistakes and overcommitment in teamfights caught the eye of several Worlds analysts, more specifically Andrew “Vedius” Day, who made the controversial statement that SKT played better than G2, but in the end, G2’s draft allowed them to come back.

The comment was crucified on Reddit, naturally, with hordes of G2 fans coming to the defense of their team. But another Worlds analyst, Joshua “Jatt” Leesman, had another point to make — and a rather grounded one at that.

“In pursuit of credit, many G2 fans are doing a disservice to their own team.

I don’t say this lightly — as chiming in on this issue is RATHER EXPLOSIVE at the moment. I’ll also say that there are A LOT of voices chiming in here. This also makes it even more difficult to have the discussion, as many people are arguing about different things. So here, I’ll do my best to describe the sentiment I disagree with, before saying why I disagree.”

Jatt moves on to talk about the statistical details of the series: how much advantage G2 and SKT had, respectively, and the very disproportionate Baron balance: six for SKT, just one for G2. In the end, G2 still lost.

“By refusing to acknowledge that G2 didn’t play perfectly, that they would actually have preferred to have 6 barons to SKT’s 1, or that it wasn’t part of some master plan to be down in gold all 4 games, people are taking away from what has made G2 great,” Jatt continues.

“G2 just won a series that NO OTHER TEAM IN THE WORLD COULD WIN. No other team could only take 1 baron and still win, because G2 is un-tiltable and they have insane map/game knowledge.”

G2 Esports are playing FunPlus Phoenix in the Worlds 2019 Finals this Sunday, November 10.

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