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While many who played and enjoyed the game during the closed beta are praising Riot Games for the smoothness and improvement found in the official launch of VALORANT on June 2nd, many users on are not so pleased.

As of the time of this articles publishing, VALORANT has earned a 4.8 user score on the site based on 381 ratings. 154 positive reviews are countered by 197 negative and 30 mixed.

These reviews range from lengthy ones detailing the dislike for graphics or movement, to short and “terrible game” style reviews with little more to offer.

You can find the first six reviews provided under the “most helpful” tab below.

Quite a few reviewers and anti-VALORANT posters are claiming the games popularity amongst others is simply based on the hype big streamers gave it prior to and during the closed beta. There have been many times where it’s been pointed out there was no direct (key word: direct) compensation for advertising and playing VALORANT, however.

As I stated before, it’s not all negative for those who played the beta, however. James “hazed” Cobb, a recently signed player for TSM, shared nothing but positives about the new first-person shooter.

Rory “dephh” Jackson also praised the games launch optimizations which saw a major increase in stability of FPS alongside higher numbers.

It’s still very early in the games life cycle (one day) but it’s clear there is already a very deep divide. This is somewhat to be expected given diehards from other games are seldom super open to exploring something new, especially a competitor which many CS:GO and Overwatch fans see VALORANT as.

Time will tell whether or not this game begins to earn a higher rating amongst the community or if these reviews even matter and aren’t just trolls fudging the numbers.

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