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VALORANT professionals are calling for a change to the game, and it may not be what you expect. Several top level VALORANT players are asking for the game to be made harder in an effort to increase the skill required to play at the highest tiers.

The latest to make such a request is none other than the headshot machine Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom of Team Liquid. In a tweet earlier today, ScreaM stated that he wished “shooting mattered a bit more in Valorant, these slow movements, the tagging and aimpunch is crazy and makes the game so easy for everyone.”

He went on to say that “with a few changes this came could be perfect honestly and way more skilled.”

He isn’t the first player to make such claims, however, with NRG’s Damian “daps” Steele sharing similar sentiments not long ago. In a response to Rod “Slasher” Breslau regarding the volatility of top level VALORANT teams competing online, the NRG in-game leader stated that “the game is just way too easy mechanically, hopefully they make it a lot harder to play and master.”

He explained a major complaint many top players have is the “running and shooting” problem the game currently has in response to a tweet from Andrew “TempoZP” Rush, a member of the Overwatch League broadcast talent. He did add that this is something Riot has claimed to be working on addressing.

James “hazed” Cobb of TSM gave a different approach in an interview with VPEsports in early December in which he claimed that while a game like Counter-Strike “is a harder game mechanically,” VALORANT adds a whole different layer with abilities and team compositions.

He claimed that “yes it is easier to shoot in this game but it is infinitely harder to understand strategy and make the right play,” before adding that “people who complain that VALORANT is easier, I think they’re foolish.”

Where do you stand? Is VALORANT too easy mechanically? Do the “extras” like abilities solve that problem alone? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

Photo: Team Liquid/ScreaM

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