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Riot Games has revealed more details regarding the conclusion of VALORANT’s closed beta. Yesterday it was revealed that the games official launch would take place on June 2nd, with the closed beta ending several days prior on May 28th.

The closed beta will officially go down at 9:00am PT across the world.

Riot has now announced that closed beta drops have ended. Those who have not already gained access will not be able to from this point forward in the closed beta. They did, however, offer a bit of a consolation prize to those in the beta and those who were eligible but didn’t manage to get access. “If you still haven’t gotten closed beta access but were eligible, you’ll have an exclusive Twitch/VALORANT player card sitting in your inventory at launch (June 2).”

They’ve also further confirmed that nearly all progression will be reset. The only things that will stick around are whatever players have earned via the closed beta player pass.

The store will also be going down today, but fear not as the VALORANT points will be returning to players at launch. In addition, anything you’ve purchased WILL NOT be carrying over to launch, however, you’ll get get all your VALORANT points back + 20% more. “if you bought 1000 VALORANT points, you’ll have 1200 VALORANT points at launch. It doesn’t matter if you spent those points or not.”

So if you still want to play some and have access, get to it. You only have six more days (barely) to play some more VALORANT before you have to take a few days break and await the official launch of Riot Games’ new first-person shooter.

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