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Riot has revealed the first footage of a new VALORANT map titled Icebox. In a video posted to Twitter, the company provided players with a look at the games fifth map.

This has been highly requested by almost all players of the popular first-person shooter given its limited number of maps currently available. Ascent, Bind, Split, and Haven are the only playable maps in the game currently with Ascent being released as part of the Act II update.

Act III is set to bring Icebox to the fold and add another map to the rotation. Many questioned the re-playability of the title given its release only featured three maps but that hasn’t stopped the game from taking the competitive gaming scene by storm. Top tier organizations from all around the globe have pieced together rosters with the hopes and vision of VALORANT becoming one of the next titans of esports alongside the likes of CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends; Riot’s MOBA.

Another map will be welcomed with open arms as fans crave new environments to test their mettle and help spice up the game. In comparison, the competitive map pool of CS:GO (a somewhat direct competitor) is seven maps which doesn’t include the enormous amount of other Valve or community created maps.

Are you excited for Icebox?

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